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Champion vs Pella windows: a comparison guide

A direct comparison between brands, such as Champion vs. Pella windows, can narrow down your choices significantly.

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Choosing a new or replacement window for your home can be difficult given the number of choices available in the marketplace. A direct comparison between brands, such as Champion vs. Pella windows, can narrow down your choices significantly.

By gathering as much information as you can about each window brand, you can proceed to pick the style and model within each brand that suits your tastes. You'll find the window that best fits your home both in looks and in the price you pay for installation.

When comparing Champion vs. Pella windows, the item that sticks out most is the energy efficiency of both brands.

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Champion Windows

Champion vs Pella windows: Shown here is Champion casement windows.All Champion window models take the same approach when it comes to energy efficiency. They begin with the use of Champion's own Comfort 365 glass, which prevents most heat exchange between the exterior and the interior of the home in order to lower heating and cooling bills.

The glass is also designed to block damaging UV rays that may fade interior fabrics such as carpets, drapes or furnishings.

Tests show that the increase in energy efficiency from the use of Comfort 365 glass over standard dual-pane glass is up to 35 percent during cooler months and 41 percent during warmer months. With this increase in efficiency across the board.

When you're considering Champion windows, you can concentrate on the particular style desired rather than on the efficiency of a specific window model.

Pella Windows

ThermaStar by Pella vinyl windowsWhen you compare Champion vs. Pella windows, you'll find that unlike Champion windows, Pella windows utilize a variety of window designs that offer several levels of energy efficiency for your home.

While all Pella window designs meet or exceed Energy Star requirements, some are equipped with special features that offer improved efficiency. Pella's Impervia line of windows, for example, are available with optional foam-insulated, fiberglass frames for greater energy efficiency in extreme climate conditions.

The 350 Series of Pella Windows feature vinyl encased low-emissive (low-E) triple-pane glass that blocks 96 percent of UV rays and offers up to an 83 percent improvement in energy efficiency over standard glass.

In addition to fiberglass and vinyl windows, Pella's new windows are also available with wooden frames to provide a more traditional look.

Both Champion and Pella window brands offer you an increase in efficiency that will directly lead to savings on your heating and cooling bills.

Before you make your choice and begin to install the windows, get a windows estimate on the cost of the windows from a qualified contractor. You can find an experienced contractor in your area through Reply! Your contractor can give you an accurate idea on window prices for both new and replacement windows and installation costs.

With an estimate on the price of installation on hand, you should have the final bit of information you need when deciding between Champion vs. Pella Windows. While both offer significant savings, the window you choose can also raise the value of your home, gaining you much of the cost in return should you ever decide to sell the home.

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First photo credit: Champion Windows. Second photo: Pella Windows.