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  • Champion vs Ply Gem windows: a comparison guide

Champion vs Ply Gem windows: a comparison guide

If you want to buy replacement windows, then perform a Champion vs. Ply Gem windows comparison.

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If you want to buy replacement windows, then perform a Champion vs. Ply Gem windows comparison. Start your comparison by receiving a windows estimate.

Champion Windows

Champion vs Ply Gem windowsChampion Windows is a manufacturer of vinyl windows for residences and other vinyl products such as doors and siding. The company has been in business since 1953 and has also created a certification program for vinyl siding.

A double-hung window is one of the most common types of windows in modern homes. A Champion vs. Ply Gem windows comparison shows that you can open both sashes on these new windows from Champion. These windows also tilt into the house to allow for easy cleaning.

Double-hung windows from Champion also have moldings on the exterior sides of the windows that provide a unique look.

All Champion Windows have Comfort 365 glass, which is highly energy efficient. A half screen is standard on these windows, but they are also available with full screens. Champion Windows may be tan, white or ColorBond.

If you want to install Champion Windows for their homes can obtain financing estimates from Champion Windows. They can make purchases on their Home Design credit cards that don't incur interest if the purchases are at least $1,000 and the charge is paid off within one year.

A windows estimate should also account for the fact that interest will be charged from the date of purchase if a balance is not paid in full within one year or if a payment is late. An account activation fee of $29 may apply in some states. This credit card account requires the customer to make fixed payments each month until the balance is paid in full.

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Ply Gem windows

Ply Gem was founded in 1943 as a manufacturer of exterior products for the home. Ply Gem windows help to make homes that are energy efficient and require little maintenance.

A comparison of Champion vs. Ply Gem windows shows that Ply Gem has a range of choices for the frames and glass. All of these windows are built with craftsmanship that makes them durable yet stylish. Windows with awnings and casements give houses a European look. They have full 90-degree sweeps, allowing them to completely open during warm weather.

Ply Gem windows also has the option of single, triple and quadruple integral mulled units.

Each product from Ply Gem has its own warranty with specific terms. These warranties apply only to the original owner when the windows are properly installed and subjected to proper use. Ply Gem has the option to repair or replace windows that are covered by the warranty.

If you wish to make a comparison of Champion vs. Ply Gem windows, you can easily receive a windows estimate from a professional contractor in your area.

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