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Champion vs Simonton windows: a comparison guide

When it comes to Champion versus Simonton windows, the winner of the debate depends largely on personal preference and pricing.

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Champion and Simonton are both reputable national brands known for producing affordable and quality windows and home products. When it comes to Champion vs. Simonton windows, the winner of the debate depends largely on personal preference.

This Reply! guide will provide an overview of the similarities and differences between each brand with the goal of helping you make an informed purchase.

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Champion vs Simonton windows: It may come down to pricing. Shown here are Champion Windows.The first factor to consider in the Champion versus Simonton windows debate is price. Champion Windows offers a free in-home windows estimate for cost and practicality. Simonton doesn't advertise a free in-home consultation, and the company's windows are generally much pricier.

While still affordable, Simonton isn't a value brand like Champion Windows. Champion Windows frequently runs specials and offers customers massive discounts when they purchase windows for their entire home. Simonton, on the other hand, relies on previous customers to advertise for them and doesn't typically run sales.

When it comes to window prices, Champion Windows is definitely the cheaper of the two brands.


The next aspect of the windows debate is quality. Simonton windows are generally believed to be higher quality and longer lasting. While Champion Windows are considered to be of great quality for the price range, the extra cost of Simonton windows is justified for many customers looking to buy new windows.

Champion Windows perform well under warm weather conditions and in climates that aren't subject to a lot of moisture. The design pressure, or DP, of a window is what determines its durability against the elements. A DP rating of 50 or higher is generally fine for most areas of the country, and both brands match that standard.

However, the DP of Simonton windows is higher than that of Champion, making Simonton more durable and better suited to extreme climates. People who live in areas of the country with heavy rainfall such as the coast are better off investing a bit more for Simonton products.


Simonton replacement windowsThe final consideration between these two brands are variety and availability. Simonton is more of an upscale brand than Champion, but both are widely available. Champion is slightly more common than Simonton, so you may have an easier time finding a contractor who can get a deal on Champion Windows for you.

However, most contractors are familiar with both brands and can recommend the one they think is best when it's time to install windows in your home.

Both brands offer plenty of variety when it comes to window styles, materials and finish.

Now that you understand the basic differences in the Champion vs. Simonton windows debate, you can make a knowledgeable purchase. If you live in an area of the country with a moderate climate and want to save some money, Champion is probably the ideal choice. However, if you need more durability, Simonton is probably the way to go.

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