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Champion Windows Camelot II vs Monaco shingles

Which is right for your home: Champion Windows Camelot II or Monaco shingles?

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Champion Windows Camelot II vs Monaco shingles. Shown here is Monaco in Venetian Coral.Champion Windows is a nationwide home improvement service that specializes in windows, but also features doors, roofing, sun rooms and siding. When comparing Champion Windows Camelot II vs. Monaco shingles, you should keep several factors in mind before making a final decision. 

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The differences between the shingles go beyond appearances and prices, and your initial choice may change after reviewing your options. This Reply! guide breaks down the differences between Camelot II and Monaco shingles to make your decision easier.

The look

The first factor to note is that Camelot II shingles have a traditional American look, while the Monaco shingles imitate European-style shingles. Monaco shingles are usually a popular choice for stucco homes. While Camelot II shingles are popular for homes with a wood exterior or siding.

There are certainly exceptions. If you do not think either shingle type is for you, Champion Windows offers many other shingle types.


The second factor to consider is how long your shingles will last. While both come with an extended roofing warranty and other protections, the Monaco shingles tend to last longer than the Camelot II shingles. Although the Monaco shingles are also more expensive.


While Champion prices are specifically designed with affordability in mind, covering an entire roof with shingles is still an expensive endeavor. Many homeowners prefer to go with the sturdier shingles to ensure they last a lifetime.

Roof repair costs are often very expensive, so choosing the stronger shingle set is vital if you wish to cut down on future maintenance costs. This may affect your Camelot II vs. Monaco shingles decision.

Roofing contractor

If you are more interested in the Camelot II shingles, you should get a roofing estimate from a professional that specializes in installing asphalt shingle roofing. Many homeowners just choose the contractor with the lowest prices without researching that contractor's specialties and previous work, which is often a big mistake when it comes to asphalt shingle roofing. A contractor that does not have extensive experience is likely to make mistakes when installing your shingles.

If you are more interested in the Monaco shingles, note that European-style shingles are not common in every part of the country. Some contractors have never even encountered them. Always have a contractor lined up prior to making a purchase. Finding a roofing contractor should always be a factor when deciding between the Camelot II vs. Monaco shingles from Champion Windows.

When you are ready to make a choice, contact a contractor for further information. Deciding between the Camelot II vs. Monaco shingles from Champion Windows is easier with the assistance of a contractor if you are still not sure which shingles you prefer.

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