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  • Champion Windows energy efficiency: an overview

Champion Windows energy efficiency: an overview

Champion Windows energy efficiency is a large part of their designs. Champion's commitment to home energy savings is an attractive factor for going with them.

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Champion Windows energy efficiency is top notch.For homeowners building a new home or renovating an existing property, the energy efficiency of the components used during construction is an important consideration when selecting building materials. Champion Windows energy efficiency is a large part of their designs. Whether you're looking for an entire household's worth or simply a single replacement window to help save energy, it is an attractive factor.

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Unlike many window manufacturers, Champion utilizes its best energy efficiency design capabilities on every window produced. This provides the homeowner with the highest energy efficiency rating possible regardless of the specific window model chosen.

At the heart of the Champion Windows energy efficiency designs is Comfort 365 glass. The glass is made to keep heat inside the home during cooler months and outside during warmer seasons. It's also designed to prevent the transmission of ultraviolet rays into the interior of the home, which can help reduce fading on carpets or furniture.

When tested, the glass was found to be more efficient than standard dual-pane glass, beating the efficiency of dual-pane windows by 35 percent in winter months and 41 percent during the summer.

Testing is an important part in determining if a window is truly energy efficient. Champion Windows have undergone extensive testing by multiple organizations. Champion Windows energy efficiency is tested by both the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) and the American Architectural Manufacturer's Association (AAMA) to provide consumers with concrete data for comparison.

The windows are also Energy Star compliant, meeting the minimal requirements for efficiency as established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

NFRC testing provides a rating of the window's thermal energy efficiency that can be directly compared to other window brands. While the AAMA establishes minimal performance standards that all members must attain before gaining an AAMA rating. Champion Windows not only passes the minimum testing levels, but excels to the point at which it is allowed to carry an AAMA Gold Label to show it meets the certifying body's high standards.

Once you're satisfied with the level of Champion Windows energy efficiency, you can begin to make arrangements to install the windows. Installation of new windows should be done by a contractor who can not only provide the homeowner with an accurate windows estimate that includes window prices, as well as labor costs, but can also ensure that the installation goes smoothly while meeting local building requirements.  

Champion Windows energy efficiency is built into the basic design of the product. For you, this high level of efficiency means an immediate savings in heating and cooling costs. This extends your savings after installation for years, while also providing an attractive upgraded look to the home's exterior.

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