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Cheap ACs by brand

Installing central air conditioning in your home can be an expensive proposition. Fortunately, you can choose from a number of cheap ACs by brand.

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Cheap ACs by brand. Shown here is Goodman's with a 13 SEER.Installing central air conditioning in your home can be an expensive proposition, with costs that can run into the thousands simply for the condenser unit alone. Fortunately, you can choose from a number of cheap ACs by brand that can save you significantly in installation costs.

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Factors affecting cost

Before you install a cheap central air unit, be aware of precisely why the units are on the low end of the pricing scale.

Adding central air that covers your entire home requires you to estimate exactly how powerful a unit you'll need. Air conditioners are sized by tonnage or BTU. The greater the tonnage or BTU, the more cooling capacity the air conditioner possesses.

Get an accurate estimate of the unit size needed. If it's too small, a unit will fail to cool your home adequately. If too large, a unit will waste energy by constantly turning on and off as the temperature in your home fluctuates. An overly-large unit will also fail to remove enough humidity from the air in your home to keep the environment comfortable.

The best source for a sizing estimate is an experienced HVAC contractor.  

Once you've determined the size of the AC, you can begin your search for cheap air conditioners. Air conditioners are rated by their seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) rating. This number represents the energy efficiency of an AC unit. The higher SEER various units have, the higher the air conditioner prices for those units.

By federal law, a new AC must have a SEER rating of at least 13, though many units are rated as high as 19.

To keep the price low for central air conditioners, you can usually find cheap ACs by brand with SEER of only 13. While going with a low SEER will save you on the initial equipment costs, the inefficiency of low SEER units compared to those with a higher rating means that your cooling costs will be significantly higher throughout the year.

Cheap ACs by brand

A variety of cheap ACs by brand are available, with most of the well-known AC manufacturers offering units at low prices.

For example:

    • Payne has a 13 SEER R-410A unit.
    • Maytag has its M120 AC unit.
    • Goodman offers its GSC13 air conditioner.
    • Trane has the XB300.

All of these units are considered perfectly usable for cooling your home without high product costs.

Once you've chosen your cheap ACs by brand, you can hire a contractor to install the air conditioner in your home. With proper sizing, even a low-efficiency unit will provide your property with a cool interior environment. This allows you to enjoy your home regardless of the outside temperature while adding to the actual value of the structure.

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