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Cheap Amana ACs

If you're looking for portable, hardy air conditioners, look no further than cheap Amana ACs.

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Cheap Amana ACsIf you're looking for portable, hardy air conditioners, look no further than cheap Amana ACs. These air conditioners allow you to pay low air conditioner prices while avoiding the hassle of installing a packaged air conditioner system.

You can also say goodbye to the inherent high running costs of larger units.

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Amana air conditioners lead the pack of cheap AC brands with their 4-ton unit at a 14 seasonal energy-efficiency ratio (SEER) rating. Alternatively, you could opt for the 2-ton 16 SEER Amana air conditioning unit system.

Choosing the best cheap Amana AC might require seeking help from a comfort specialist or hiring a contractor to give you some cooling capacity estimates for the right air conditioner.

You will get a 10-year parts limited warranty that comes with every cheap Amana AC. Despite the low air conditioner prices, the AC unit also includes a lifetime unit replacement limited warranty, showing the confidence of the manufacturers.

Cheap Amana ACs come with an auto evaporation function and also a dehumidifier that's effective in removing moisture from the air.

Additionally, portable Amana air conditioners come with a bucketless dual-hose system, saving you the hassle of always emptying water from a bucket. All the trappings are included such as a full-function remote control system that gives you the freedom to control the Amana air conditioner from a distance.

With the correct estimates from a professional contractor, you can choose the right capacity for your cheap Amana AC. Various models are available based on the size of the home or room to be cooled. For instance, the Amana APN10j model effectively cools a room of 300 square feet and comes at a modest price, costing below $500.

The cheap Amana ACs have large outputs of cooling air, comparing excellently with other cheap AC brands. However, some users have noted higher levels of noise come with this air conditioner. Users also don't recommend sleeping in the same room with the AC unit because the compressor in it is very loud.

Another Cheap Amana AC that's effective for large rooms of over 500 square feet is the ASXC18, with an energy economy of 18 SEER that might lower your energy bills. This air conditioner has some key features that make the air conditioner durable, highly efficient and reliable. It has a two-stage scroll compressor that uses environmentally friendly R-410 refrigerant.

Very compact and easy to move, the Amana AC is protected by high- and low-pressure switches and comes installed with a filter. 

To compare more features of cheap Amana ACs with other air conditioner models, connect with contractors now. They'll come out to your home, inspect the area, and provide you with several estimates.

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