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Cheap Armstrong ACs

For an affordable central air option, check out some of the cheap Armstrong ACs.

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Cheap Armstrong ACsRunning a window air conditioner is like throwing money out your window. While window units will keep a room cool, even the most energy-efficient design won't do the job as economically as central air. For an affordable central air option, check out some of the cheap Armstrong ACs.

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When shopping for cheap Armstrong ACs, always look at the seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER). The standard SEER rating is 13, but Armstrong makes several units with a higher SEER, which use less electricity.

Armstrong is the name behind several cheap air conditioners, including single-stage and two-stage units. Two-stage units feature two different settings. During the off cycle, the AC keeps air flowing through your home to keep the space cool.

Single-stage units typically turn off and stop the flow of the air, but these units are much cheaper than two-stage units.

Two-stage units start at around $3,500, which includes the cost of installation. Armstrong makes cheap AC units priced at less than $4,000 with a SEER of 16 or 18. 

A single-stage, cheap air conditioner might be a better option for your home. Cheap Armstrong ACs include several models with a SEER starting at 13. The company also makes an air conditioner with a higher SEER of 14. These cheap AC units start at around $2,5000.

Armstrong works with licensed dealerships, and you can buy the air conditioners and arrange for installation in minutes. If cost is on your mind, you can also compare air conditioner prices on different models and request an estimate before choosing.

When you look at other air conditioners, you might notice that those companies don't offer a great warranty. Armstrong will give you a 10-year warranty that covers your AC unit and its various parts. All you need to do when a problem arises is contact the company and arrange for help. 

When you install air conditioner products from Armstrong, hire a contractor to do the installation so you'll know that your new unit works effectively with your HVAC system.

When the hot days of summer hit, you'll want your home to feel like a sanctuary. Armstrong makes the products that you need to feel comfortable as you relax in your home. A good-quality AC is important, especially if you live with elderly family members or children,

Find qualified contractors ready to install your new AC unit or help you pick the right unit for your home. Cheap Armstrong ACs start at less than $3,000, and with the energy-saving features on these devices, you might also see your electric bills drop.

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