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Cheap Bryant ACs

Even if you're on a limited budget and looking for cheap Bryant ACs, it's possible to find a unit that will meet your needs and your budget.

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Cheap Bryant ACsIf you're interested in installing a new air conditioner in your home and are on a budget, you might well be looking for cheap Bryant ACs. The solid reputation of Bryant and the company's history of being in business for more than a century have made it a popular choice.  

One of the reasons Bryant is sometimes considered a cheap air conditioner is it's actually a subsidiary of the Carrier Corporation. Although a Bryant air conditioner isn't as extravagant as the main Carrier models, the benefit is you can often take advantage of lower prices.

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Bryant Evolution Series

Bryant produces many different types of air conditioners, including the Evolution Series. This series includes three different systems and is considered Bryant's top-tier line. One of the benefits of this AC unit line is it offers two-stage operation, allowing it to increase efficiency while reducing humidity.

Other benefits of the Evolution Series line include quiet operation and a diagnostic system.

If you're looking for cheap air conditioners, you should be aware that due to the included amenities, this line of Bryant units is typically more expensive than some of the lower-end models. You can typically expect to pay between $3,200 and $6,500 for one of these units, including installation. Amenities offered with this line include:

    • AeroQuiet System II.
    • Two-stage operation.
    • System and diagnostics control.
    • DuraGuard Plus system for protection against the elements.

Bryant Preferred Series

When you need to find cheap Bryant ACs, another option to consider is the Preferred Series. One of the reasons these AC units are less expensive is they don't include the same features as the Evolution Series. Still, this AC is considered to be highly efficient as well as cost-effective.

This line comes with a 10-year limited warranty for parts.

In comparing air conditioner prices, you should be aware this line from Bryant will cost between $2,650 and $6,250, including installation.

Bryant Legacy Line

For consumers who are on a very limited budget and need to find cheap AC brands, the Legacy Line from Bryant is another option. These cheap Bryant ACs are considered the company's most basic option. No additional features are available with this line.

The cost for this line ranges between $1,800 and $5,250, including installation. As is the case with other lines from Bryant, you can choose between a 3-ton, 4-ton and 5-ton unit.

Regardless of which type of Bryant unit you ultimately choose, it's important to hire a contractor with experience in installing residential air conditioning units. It's always a good idea to obtain more than one estimate in order to get the best price. Always ensure you know precisely what's included in the estimate and what type of warranty you'll receive.

The decision to install air conditioner units is one that can increase the comfort of your home and provide you with a long-term investment. Even if you're on a limited budget and looking for cheap Bryant ACs, it's possible to find a unit that will meet your needs and your budget.

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