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Cheap Carrier ACs

Out of all of the cheap Carrier ACs, the ductless units are the most economical.

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Cheap Carrier ACsAir conditioner prices being what they are, low cost air conditioners seem like a blessing. Cheap Carrier ACs make life a lot easier for you during the summer months.

As a name brand, Carrier goes out of its way to build and maintain a loyal base of satisfied customers who will recommend its products to others.

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Split system

Carrier ACs break down into three convenient types. The first of these is the split system. This is what you usually think of when somebody mentions an air conditioner. The system has a compressor unit outside that's connected via a series of ducts to a centrally located furnace indoors.

Carrier's entry level is the Comfort 13. This relatively cheap AC unit is available as a base model or in a Coastal version, which is proofed against salty sea air that would otherwise cause damage.

Final costs vary enormously by geographical area, but are usually under $1,400.

Packaged AC units

Packaged models are another type of Carrier AC. These are designed to be more compact and efficient than an old-fashioned split system. They can stand up to quite a bit of exposure to the elements.

The base model in Carrier's lineup is the Comfort 13 Packaged air conditioner. This unit is covered by Carrier's 10-year warranty

It is priced around $2,959. 

Ductless air conditioning

Finally, Carrier offers what may well be the cheapest option available: ductless units. These mount directly to a wall and are most commonly associated with the units you'll see in apartments and hotel rooms, thanks largely to their low price and energy efficiency.

Carrier's offering here is the Comfort Residential Ductless Highwall System, which can be controlled remotely. It is perhaps the ultimate in cheap Carrier ACs at about $1,500

The above pricing are not approximate. They only include the estimated cost of the unit, which can vary based on your local. When factoring the costs of cheap Carrier ACs, add in installation fees. Receive free installation quotes today so you can start and finish your home improvement project with ease.

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