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Cheap Lennox ACs

Whether you're interested in the Dave Lennox Signature Collection, the Elite Series or the Merit Series, you can find cheap Lennox ACs in your area.

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Cheap Lennox ACsThe temperature is rising. Air conditioner prices are rising as well, but there are a few cheap Lennox ACs to get you through the heat. 

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Lennox offers a few types of air conditioners to choose from, such as:

    • The XC21 features solar-ready capabilities in a quiet and efficient model.
    • The XC17 is not only solar ready, but it's also an efficient single-stage AC.
    • The XC16 offers two-stage cooling in a high-efficiency AC unit.
    • The XC14 provides efficiency in a quiet model.
    • The XC13 is a reliable model that provides responsible home cooling.
    • The 13ACX features environmentally responsible capabilities.
    • The 14ACX offers economic and nature-friendly features.

All of these Lennox ACs feature a myriad of options. You can choose between single- and two-stage cooling with either the Dave Lennox Signature Collection or the Elite Series.

Single-stage cooling is as simple as turning your AC on and off. Two-stage cooling can operate at low or high stages. It  allows for a more efficient operation, as well as humidity control.

If you're considering solar-ready units, you can choose between central air conditioning and single-stage cooling units from the Dave Lennox Signature Collection or the Merit Series.

If a quiet air conditioner is your preference, choose from the Dave Lennox Signature Collection or the Elite Series.

Remember to check the decibel levels on the manufacturer's label. Lower decibel ratings mean quieter air conditioners. 

The savings don't have to stop there. If you purchase an air conditioner with the Energy Star label, you can apply for a federal tax credit. Please ensure that you confirm your eligibility for a tax credit with your HVAC or AC unit contractor.

Likewise, you can check the manufacturer's certificate or website for further information. You should know this info before making a purchase.

With ACs from Lennox, there is no need to take the heat this summer. If you're looking for an AC or HVAC unit for your home, remember you can check for cheap Lennox ACs in your area by seeking quotes from licensed contractors. Your contractor can find you the best deal and answer any questions you may have.

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