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Cheap Rheem ACs

While Rheem does make a few expensive AC models, you'll find budget-friendly alternatives that can keep you comfortable without spending a lot of money.

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Cheap Rheem ACsIf you're a fan of cool weather, you likely cringe when you notice summer coming. However, you'll find you don't need to hurt your wallet to cool your home when you choose cheap Rheem ACs. While the company does make a few expensive models, you'll find budget-friendly alternatives that can keep you comfortable without spending a lot of money.

Rheem isn't known as one of the cheap AC brands because the company's most popular models are its Prestige series units. You'll also find a Classic series and a Value series, which offer the best bargains.

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The Prestige series air conditioners are the biggest and most effective units offered by Rheem. These air conditioner units have a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) of 16 or higher, which means that the units won't use as much electricity as similar sized models.

The Classic series has a SEER of around 16. You can find Value series products with a SEER of up to 17. 

The Prestige series models are the most expensive. Air conditioner prices on these units start at more than $2,400, and even wholesale on those units is over $1,000.

The Classic Series starts at $2,500 and rises to more than $6,000 for one of the more powerful units.

Don't let this fool you though. You'll find cheap Rheem ACs through its Value series. Wholesale prices on a Value series AC unit starts at $1,400. When you factor in the cost to install air conditioner units, you'll pay closer to $2,400.

Installation is expensive because you'll need to hire a contractor. You'll need someone with the experience to work with HVAC supplies and install your AC without damaging anything in your house. Various contractors can even give you a rough estimate on the cost of the AC unit and installation

Once you've found out more about cheap air conditioners, it's time to look at the warranty. All cheap Rheem ACs come with the same long-lasting warranty, which covers parts for the first 10 years. With its Protection Plus add-on, you get even more coverage. The company will pay for installation, parts and labor on your air conditioner.

Nothing beats relaxing in the air conditioning in the middle of a hot summer. With products from Rheem, you'll find ACs that fit any budget. Locate air conditioner contractors with experience installing Rheem products and units from other companies.

With cheap Rheem ACs, you'll never again find yourself complaining about the weather outside. With a simple adjustment, you can enjoy the exact temperature that you want through summer and those warmer days of fall.

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