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Comfortmaker air conditioner prices: pros, cons and quotes

Comfortmaker air conditioners stand out from the rest when it comes to noise levels.

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The Comfortmaker air conditioner — SoftSound SXT+ — is wonderfully quiet..jpgComfortmaker manufactures air conditioners, heat pumps and furnaces. A Comfortmaker air conditioner is not only affordable, but also reliable.

Comfortmaker was founded in 1900. Their AC brand was purchased by International Comfort Products Corporation in 1999. This brand of air conditioner includes several product lines, with the SoftSound line currently occupying the top spot in the Comfortmaker lineup of AC units.

The Comfortmaker SoftSound SXT+ is Comfortmaker's flagship product. It includes the Observer Communications System, which maximizes this air conditioner's efficiency and comfort. A contractor will typically install air conditioner control units on the wall, allowing the individual components to communicate with each other.

Furthermore, the SoftSound STX+ includes a filter drier that removes water from the refrigerant, which increases the system's reliability.

This Comfortmaker air conditioner is made of heavy-duty steel and covered with corrosion-resistant paint.

The SoftSound SXT+ is designed to operate quietly. This primarily includes a two-stage compressor and a sound blanket.

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Many Comfortmaker air conditioner models also have a fan with variable speeds, allowing it to run at the lowest speeds most of the time. The air-discharge system and fan have an advanced aerodynamic design, further reducing its noise level. The two-stage compressor is also more efficient at reducing the humidity in the house.

An air conditioner estimate should also consider the unit's efficiency. The seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) rating is a common method of measuring the relative cost of operating an air conditioner.

The latest models from Comfortmaker have a SEER rating of 19 when combined with the correct indoor equipment. This efficiency could reduce your cooling costs by up to 47 percent when you compare it with older units that have a SEER rating of 10.

The two-stage compressor helps to minimize temperature fluctuation in your home, which should also be a factor when you analyze air conditioner prices.

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All Comfortmaker air conditioners carry a limited warranty on the functional parts. The length of the warranty depends on the price of the unit, such that the warranty for the top-of-the-line models lasts for 10 years.

A warranty typically lasts for seven years on mid-tier products, five years on standard-level products and one year for base-level products.

Details on the warranties for other Comfortmaker products are available from product descriptions and dealers. However, the technical service department of a Comfortmaker distributor will need to provide written authorization indicating they installed the unit correctly before you can get the unit replaced.

A charge for the labor on the installation of a new unit may still apply. Your local Comfortmaker dealer will have further details on replacing your air conditioner while under warranty.

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