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Comfortmaker heat pump prices, pros and cons

Being a well-known brand, a Comfortmaker heat pump might be the one you need for your home.

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Comfortmaker heat pump

Being a well-known brand, a Comfortmaker heat pump might be the one you need for your home. You should understand the advantages and disadvantages of getting this brand of heat pumps in order to decide if it is the right one for you.

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About Comfortmaker heat pumps

Comfortmaker offers products that are energy efficient. Energy efficiency is measured by the energy-efficiency ratio, or EER. This number will give you an idea of how much heating power a heat pump air conditioner gives per electrical unit it consumes. A high EER means a heat pump air conditioner has high efficiency.

You should also consider the seasonal energy-efficiency ratio, or SEER. Comfortmaker heat pumps have up to 19 SEER. When compared to older units, this could mean you'll save up to 47 percent on your energy bill.

Aside from that, this heat pump air conditioning system offers quiet operation and durability. It also offers clean air and reduces humidity.

This brand offers a 10-year warranty for the unit and parts.


Despite the positive advertising of Comfortmaker heating and cooling systems, it received many negative reviews from buyers. Reviews reveal the HVAC units are not as durable as they're presented. Some experienced failure of parts within just a few years and had to spend a lot on parts, refrigerants and labor.

Some also say that Comfortmaker's customer service is poor and didn't help in providing information or assisting to solve the problem.

However, Comfortmaker heat pump ACs did satisfy other customers. In their reviews, the HVAC system they had lasted for many years and performed well.


Comfortmaker has a wide range of products. These vary in size, power and cost. A 2-ton Comfortmaker heat pump costs about $2,400. This unit has a SEER of 15.5 and uses two-stage heating.

Other units combining the functions of an air cooler and a heat pump are also available. These range from $1,000 to $2,000 or more. The price depends on the size and power. The larger your home and the unit, the more expensive it will be.

Find and hire a contractor to handle both purchasing and installing your heat pump. Before purchasing any heat pump, though, you should have an installation estimate. Huge units might require modifications in your home. If you fail to get estimates, you could end up spending more than what you expected on a Comfortmaker heat pump.  

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