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CertainTeed vs Malarkey asphalt roofing shingles

Roofing brand comparison: CertainTeed vs. Malarkey asphalt shingles

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The most popular residential roofing material in America is the asphalt shingle, largely because it is less expensive compared to other roofing materials, easy to install and is widely available.

Two companies that produce and distribute asphalt roofing shingles across the country are CertainTeed and Malarkey. Both companies carry a wide range of asphalt shingle types and designs that meets all price points, from economy to luxury. If you have decided to use asphalt shingles for your new roof, you will want to compare the offerings of these two companies.

CertainTeed asphalt roofing shinglesThere are two types of asphalt shingles: one with a wood-fiber base, also known as organic shingles, and one with a fiberglass base. The organic shingle is the traditional asphalt shingle. It is composed of a layer of recycled felt paper that is saturated with asphalt for waterproofing and then coated with adhesive asphalt and ceramic granules. Neither CertainTeed nor Malarkey offers an organic asphalt shingle.

Fiberglass shingles are made of a woven fiberglass mat covered with a waterproof asphalt coating and then topped with ceramic granules. Fiberglass shingles have become increasingly popular because they are light and have a high fire rating and low environmental impact.

Malarkey asphalt shingle roofingAll asphalt shingles are available in one of two styles. The most economical and popular are three-tab shingles. The tabs, or cutouts, give each shingle the appearance of three separate pieces. Laminated architectural shingles have an extra asphalt layer on their lower edges that creates a dimensional look that can emulate the appearance of other more expensive roofing materials, such as slate or wood shakes.

CertainTeed classifies its asphalt shingles into three categories:

  • Strip shingles are three-tab, fiberglass-based and available in three weights. The heavier the shingle is, the higher the price is and the longer the warranty is.
  • Dimensional shingles are also fiberglass-based. These shingles are laminated architectural shingles and are available in a wide variety of designs and colors. The warranty on these shingles is much longer than that for strip shingles - a lifetime limited transferable warranty.
  • The premium shingle is also a laminated architectural shingle. It differs from the dimensional line in that the designs mimic old-world shingles such as natural slate or shake. Within this series are advanced shingle designs that offer improved impact resistance or solar reflectivity. These premium shingles also carry a lifetime limited transferable warranty.

Similar to CertainTeed, Malarkey offers three categories of asphalt shingles:

  • Traditional three-tab shingles are fiberglass-based and available in three weights. Price and warranty coverage increases as weight increases.
  • The High Profile Laminate series consists of three styles of laminated architectural shingles. The warranty on this series is longer than that for traditional three-tab shingles-30-, 40- or 50-year limited warranty, depending on the style. The wind warranty also varies according to the style.
  • The solar reflective shingle, available in one style, ECOASIS Premium, is similar to CertainTeed's premium shingle, the Landmark Solaris. It uses reflective granules to reflect the sun's rays and thus reduce cooling costs. This shingle has a 50-year limited warranty.

As you can see, the choices in asphalt roofing shingles are many. Your decision will depend on such factors as the look you want for your home, environmental sensitivity and roofing cost and warranty. You can request a list from Reply! of qualified contractors who install roofing in your area.

Always ask for a roofing estimate and list of references from any contractor you are considering. Reply! offers you this comparison of CertainTeed and Malarkey asphalt roofing shingles so that you can make an informed decision about your new roof. Whatever your final choice is, your new roof will look beautiful and add to the comfort and value of your home.

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