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CertainTeed Landmark Premium vs Independence shingles

A Guide to CertainTeed asphalt shingles: Landmark Premium vs Independence shingles

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CertainTeed Independence asphalt shingleThose who are using CertainTeed asphalt roofing shingles and are looking for roofing coverage are provided with a choice of asphalt shingle brands. Two of the more commonly used CertainTeed brands are Landmark Premium shingles and Independence shingles.

Both are high-quality fiberglass shingles that will provide your home with a durable roofing cover. However, before you choose to install roofing, it's best to study the differences between the available types so you can make a better material choice.

Landmark Premium asphalt shingles are laminated fiberglass shingles that feature two layers for strength and durability. The multiple layers make for a heavy shingle, with the laminated roofing material weighing in at 300 pounds per 100 square feet of coverage. The heavyweight design helps to make the shingles more resistant to wind.

Visually, the Landmark Premium shingles are bright and vibrant due to the surface granules applied to them during manufacturing. The manufacturing process also creates a textured look for the shingles, giving them a three-dimensional appearance that adds depth to the look of the roof as well. The Landmark Premium shingles have a lifetime limited transferable warranty. This warranty covers any manufacturing defects in the shingles.

CertainTeed Landmark PremiumIn addition, the shingles come with a replacement and labor warranty that lasts 10 years, a 15-year warranty that covers discoloration of the shingles due to algae and a 15-year wind tear-away warranty covering wind damage from gusts of up to 110 mph. The wind warranty can be upgraded to 130 mph if needed.

The Independence shingles also have a laminated design. The colors of the shingles feature warm woody hues, and the surface itself is smooth, so it gives the roof a more traditional appearance. The Independence shingles are lighter in weight than the Landmark Premiums, weighing just 250 pounds per 100 square feet of roof surface covered. The shingles are also rated for Class A fire resistance.

The Independence shingles are covered by a similar warranty to that which covers the Landmark Premium shingles. There's a lifetime limited transferable warranty against manufacturer defects, a 10-year replacement and labor warranty, a 15-year algae discoloration warranty and a 15-year wind-resistance warranty for up to 110 mph wind speeds. Unlike the Landmark shingles, the Independence wind warranty cannot be upgraded.

A professional roofer is needed to install both the Landmark Premium and Independence shingles in order for you to take full advantage of the warranties offered. A roofer in your area can be found using Reply! online. This individual should be able to provide you with a roofing estimate that includes both the roofing cost and the time needed to install the shingle type of your choice.

No major differences exist between the Landmark Premium shingles and the Independence shingles. Both are CertainTeed asphalt roofing shingles that feature a laminated design for wind-resistance and durability. Making a choice between them will require you to look at the small differences that do exist before choosing the type that best suits your home's needs.

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