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Comcast XFINITY vs ADT home security systems

Comcast XFINITY vs ADT home security systems: Which one is right for you and your family? Both offer stellar systems. Compare Comcast and ADT home security pricing today.

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Comcast and ADT offer security system installation and monitoring services for residential customers. Both companies offer several different packages, giving homeowners an opportunity to select the one that best meets their needs. Compare Comcast XFINITY and ADT home security prices before making a purchasing decision, as the monthly monitoring fees vary based on the features selected.

Details on Comcast XFINITY

Comcast XFINITYComcast offers three XFINITY security packages for homeowners. The Basic package costs at least $29.95 per month with a three-year contract and includes the following:

    • Professional monitoring 24 hours per day.
    • Cellular backup in the event that telephone lines fail.
    • Text and email alerts.
    • Ability to arm and disarm the system via the online portal.
    • One motion detector.
    • Door and window sensors.
    • One wireless keypad.

The Preferred package costs around $39.95 per month with a three-year contract. This package includes everything in the Basic package, but it also includes complete online access to the system, complete touchscreen access, three door and window sensors, home automation features and fire monitoring.

The most robust package, the Premier package, costs about $49.95 per month with a three-year contract. This package includes everything in the Preferred package, plus the following:

    • Two lighting/appliance controllers.
    • One indoor/outdoor camera.
    • One thermostat.

XFINITY customers also have options for video monitoring and a security equipment warranty plan. Video monitoring is not available for customers with the Basic plan, but it is available for at least $4.95 per month for customers with the Preferred plan and is included with the Premier package.

The warranty plan is available for at least $4.95 per month to customers with the Basic and Preferred packages, but it is included at no charge with the Premier package.

Details on ADT

adt home security systemsADT has five different security plans for residential customers: Safewatch QuickConnect, Safewatch Pro RF, Essentials Plus, Critical Conditions and Family.

The QuickConnect package includes one motion detector, two wireless window and door sensors, a VoiceLink speaker, one power supply with battery backup and one Smart Voice sounding device. This package costs on average $42.99 per month and has a total installation fee of around $299.

Safewatch Pro RF includes additional features and has a monthly monitoring fee of at least $35.99. This system includes the following:

    • Two wireless window and door sensors.
    • One Safewatch Pro 3000 touchpad.
    • One wireless motion detector.
    • One wireless keychain remote.
    • One Smart Voice sounding device.
    • One power supply with battery backup.

The Essentials Plus Package has an average monthly monitoring fee of $35.99 and an installation cost of about $349. This package includes one touchpad, one power supply with battery backup, two hardwired door and window sensors, one Smart Voice sounding device and one hardwired motion detector.

The Critical Conditions and Family packages include monitoring for critical conditions, such as fire, flooding and extreme temperatures.

The Critical Conditions package costs around $399 to install and has a monitoring fee of a rough $38.99 per month. It comes with all the components in the Essentials Plus Package, but customers can also choose to receive a temperature, carbon monoxide or flood detector.

The Family package includes the same components and services as the Critical Conditions package, but it also features cellular backup in case phone service is disrupted due to pole or line damage. This package costs about $549 to install and has an average monthly monitoring fee of $46.99.

Reading home security system reviews can help homeowners choose between Comcast XFINITY and ADT when selecting a security provider. No matter which company you choose, it is important to hire a contractor who knows how to install home security alarm systems properly.

After you compare Comcast XFINITY and ADT home security pricing, find the best local contractor to install your system.

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