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FrontPoint vs Vector home security systems

Don’t let pricing stop you from investing in a home security system. Prices are at an all-time low. Find out more about FrontPoint and Vector systems.

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FrontPoint and Vector home security prices are important factors to consider if you're thinking of investing in a home security system, but there are other things to consider as well. We'll compare the two systems here so that you can get a brief overview of what they offer.

You should consider reading other home security system reviews and compare pricing before you decide to install home security system components. If you go for the cheapest system, you'll want to make sure that the protection it provides meets your needs. The most expensive won't be worth the price if it has a lot of features you will not use.

FrontPoint SecurityFrontPoint is one of the most popular security companies around, and with good reason. The company only offers wireless security systems, allowing FrontPoint to provide the digital features that today's home security customer requires.

The company offers three different plans. These plans include the Protection Monitoring plan, a FrontPoint Interactive Monitoring plan and an Ultimate Monitoring package. The company offers some or all of the following features depending on the plan:

    • Home invasion and robbery protection.
    • GE control panel.
    • Window and door sensors.
    • Fire, medical, flood and water leak monitoring.
    • Wireless security video that allows remote video monitoring (Interactive and Ultimate).
    • Remote system programming (Interactive and Ultimate).
    • Instant security alerts (Interactive and Ultimate).
    • Home lighting automation (Interactive and Ultimate).
    • Breached entry monitoring (Interactive and Ultimate).
    • Expanded home automation functions like door locking (Ultimate).
    • Geo service tracking (Ultimate).
    • Wireless feed sent to laptop or smartphone (Ultimate).

All plans require a three-year contract, and monthly plan costs range from $34.99 to $49.99. The activation fee for all plans is $99, and your equipment costs will range from $1,000 to $3,000 when you add in the cost of the control panel and the touchscreen.

Vector Security logoVector is a major home security company that has made considerable headway in the home automation industry. With Vector, you can either lease the equipment for free as part of a 36-month contract or buy the equipment up front for $715 and pay as you go. The monthly contract will cost you $34.95 per month.

Vector offers a basic plan to which you can add additional features based upon your individual needs. The basic plan includes the following features:

    • GE Simone XT keypad control panel with an alarm.
    • Two door and two window sensors.
    • One motion detector.
    • One keychain remote fob.
    • One yard sign.

If you feel you need more security options, Vector will send an associate to your home to help you assess any security needs. Additional services are available for a cost. You can add equipment such as smoke, fire and carbon monoxide detectors, medical pendants, panic alarms, motion sensors and much more.

Vector will probably be a great choice for someone who requires a lot of flexibility in the setup of a home security system. While FrontPoint is perfect for the person who requires a fully functioning wireless setup for extra monitoring capabilities while away from home.

In the end, FrontPoint and Vector home security prices will vary depending on the services offered. Reply! can connect you with a local professional so you can receive free quotes.

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