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GAF vs Tamko shingles: an asphalt roofing guide

Review the differences between GAF and Tamko asphalt roofing shingles. Find out if Tamko shingles or GAF is right for your home.

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You've decided to install a new roof on your home but don't know where to start. A new roof is a very important, functioning part of your home, and it is also a good investment. Although there are many manufacturers, GAF and Tamko produce quality asphalt roofing shingles at a good price.

There are many different types of shingles as well. Homeowners and contractors often use 3-tab shingles because of their cost-to-quality ratio, but they don't look as textured as the slightly more expensive laminated architectural shingles. Organic shingles or fiberglass shingles are also produced by most companies. These manufacturers have factory-certified specialists willing to assist you with a Tamko shingles are shown here. Which will you choose: GAF or Tamko roof shingles?roofing estimate.

Tamko shingles

Tamko is a roofing manufacturer that produces the popular Heritage line of shingles. The Heritage line has many sub-categories, including Woodgate and the Vintage series. If you own an ornate log cabin, Woodgate could be a great choice as it looks like real wood shake. The Vintage line is composed of laminated architectural shingles and is great for urban homes. The company offers these products in many color choices. Tamko has also explored different avenues of home improvement such as porch and patio construction.

Tamko has a first-class 50-year warranty that covers issues like:

    • Algae build-up.
    • Wind damage.
    • Hail damage.
    • UV fading.

GAF asphalt shingles

GAF shingles

GAF is the country's largest manufacturer of roofing materials and has an extensive history going back to 1886. The company relies heavily on its customer service abilities and has a word-of-mouth approach to advertising. Although GAF typically produces only three different types of shingles, the company can also construct custom shingles designed for varying climate conditions.

If you need basic protection on a limited budget, the 3-tab shingles from GAF are considered an industry standard. The company also makes Timberline and Designer laminated architectural shingles, which are a bit more expensive. Architectural shingles can add a beautiful depth to your roof and are often worth the added cost.

Additionally, both companies have factory-certified professionals who can install roofing. Although these installers are highly recommended, you can cut down on roofing costs by hiring a local contractor. If you decide to hire a contractor separately from the manufacturer, make sure to check for references and insurance information. Additionally, you can protect both parties involved by having everything in writing. Reply! has many options available to help search for qualified local contractors.

Installing a new roof can be very difficult and the homeowner may become confused with the overwhelming number of options. Despite the risks associated with such a project, the roof is an integral part of the home and deserves proper attention. Although there are many companies that produce asphalt roofing shingles, GAF and Tamko stand out from the rest by being reputable and offering fair prices. Protect your home tomorrow by installing a new roof today.

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