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Guardian Alarm vs Monitronics home security systems

Get the basic info you need on Guardian Alarm and Monitronics home security systems.

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Guardian Alarm and Monitronics offer home security monitoring for senior citizens and families. Both companies offer a variety of system components to meet your needs.

Because Monitronics does not publish prices, it is difficult to compare Guardian Alarm and Monitronics home security costs. Instead, read home security system reviews to determine which company best meets your needs.

guardian alarmGuardian Alarm offers five security packages and more than a dozen upgrade options for residential customers. The security packages have monthly monitoring fees ranging from $29.95 to $55.95 depending on which features a customer selects. All packages include the following features:

    • 24-hour monitoring.
    • Standard equipment.
    • Medical emergency and fire monitoring.
    • Personalized customer care dashboard.

The Essential, Plus, Premium and emPower packages have additional features. These extras include the following helpful features:

    • Remote management.
    • Digital cellular communication.
    • Weather alerts at the panel.
    • Computer notifications.
    • Geo-service.
    • Optional look-in video cameras.
    • Smash protection.
    • Optional still-shot cameras.

The Plus package also has severe weather alerts and Guardian VoiceLink.

Upgrading to the Premium or emPower packages gives you access to continual tracking, even when the alarm system is not armed. The emPower package also includes programmable locks, lights and thermostats, giving customers the ability to turn lights on and off, change the temperature and lock or unlock doors even when they are not home.

Monitronics security systemsMonitronics serves more than 800,000 customers and offers the Monitronics Advantage. The average response time to an alarm event is less than 23 seconds, the shortest in the industry. The company offers monitoring services 24 hours per day, seven days per week so you can feel secure at all times. Each security system provided by Monitronics has state-of-the-art components, and you have the option of selecting automation and interactive components for your system.

When a Monitronics alarm sends out a signal, a trained agent contacts the customer by telephone or two-way voice system and asks for the system password. If the customer accidentally set off the alarm, the agent will clear it and prevent emergency personnel from responding to a false alarm. If the agent is unable to contact the customer, the telephone line is busy or the person who answers the telephone gives the wrong password, he or she dispatches the authorities to investigate.

One of the primary features of a Monitronics security system is the two-way voice verification system, which allows customers to communicate with trained agents from anywhere in their homes whenever the alarm is activated. The system consists of a hands-free speaker system, making it possible for injured customers to call for help even if they cannot get to a telephone. Monitronics also offers fire and carbon monoxide monitoring for customers.

When you decide to install home security alarm components, it is important to choose a contractor who has experience with these systems. The Reply! service can help you find an experienced contractor in your area.

Compare Guardian Alarm and Monitronics home security prices and read reviews of each system before making a selection. Once you find a system that meets your needs, hire a local contractor to ensure it is installed properly.

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