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Guardian Alarm vs Protect America home security

Protect America features a do-it-yourself home security system. Guardian Alarm will do it for you.

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A home security system is one of the best ways to protect your home and family. When you decide to install home security alarm components in your home, it is important to read home security system reviews.

Comparing Guardian Alarm home security prices and Protect America home security prices can assist you in determining which company will best meet your needs and budget. Researching the background of each company and the services each provides can also help you in making a final decision.

Protect America security systemProtect America has been in business since 2001. This Texas-based company is somewhat different from other companies in that it does not actually install home security alarm components. Instead, Protect America offers a variety of do-it-yourself wireless security systems.

Protect America security system

It also provides Web/remote access for the security equipment it sells. A number of choices are available from this company for monthly monitoring. Protect America offers the following types of alarm sensors:

    • Flood/water sensors.
    • Glass break detectors.
    • Door/window sensors.
    • Recessed door sensors.
    • Smoke/heat detectors.
    • Carbon monoxide detectors.

After you have selected the security equipment that best meets your needs, the company will ship the items to you along with installation instructions. This can be a good option if you prefer the idea of installing equipment on your own. If you do not feel confident in doing so, however, this may not be the best match for your security needs.

A variety of monitoring options are offered by Protect America, including broadband monitoring, cellular monitoring and landline monitoring. Prices for monitoring range from about $30 to $42 per month.

Guardian Alarm was established in Detroit in 1930, when the company began to offer security services to local business owners. The company has since expanded and now also offers home security services. Unlike Protect America, Guardian Alarm offers professional installation of its security equipment. Installation prices begin at $99.

In addition, the company offers a smart home service that offers a number of benefits, including the ability to monitor your home's temperatures, motion sensors and cameras from your smartphone. Guardian Connect also allows you to turn off lights and open garage doors remotely. With the service, you can know precisely when your security system has been disarmed or armed via email.

guardian alarmGuardian Alarm offers a number of different security products, including:

    • Keypads.
    • Family message center.
    • Key fobs.
    • Door and window contacts.
    • Motion detectors.
    • Glass break detectors.
    • Digital monitoring.
    • Audible alarm notifications.
    • Panic buttons.

In deciding which company is the best option for your individual security needs, home security system reviews and the services of Reply! can provide you with a wealth of information. A number of factors should be taken into consideration, including available services and pricing.

Comparing Protect America home security prices and Guardian Alarm home security prices can help you to find an affordable service. Home security system reviews can assist you in locating a reliable company to provide security equipment and install home security alarm components in your home.

Once you've made a decision or if you have more questions, connect with a local installer now.

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