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Guardian vs Monitronics business security systems

Don’t be intimidated by making a decision. Read this article now and link to others about business security systems.

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Every business owner should be concerned about the security of his or her business and employees. Business is better when everyone feels secure and safe during the workday. Guardian Alarm and Monitronics business security systems both offer top service and value for your money.

Alarm systems have become increasingly popular in recent years. It may be intimidating to pick the best business security system, but you can read a variety of business security reviews before making an important decision.

guardian security systemsGuardian Alarm is considered one of the largest independently owned security companies within North America. The company has a long history. It was founded in 1930 in Southfield, Mich., by Milton Pierce. Guardian Alarm has more than 80,000 customers and more than 2,000 employees. They offer several security products to meet the demands of customers across the country.

Guardian Alarm offers an extensive business security product list that will meet the needs of even the most demanding of business owners. A basic business security system handles multiple entry points within your business.

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The monitoring station recognizes master and sub-master cards, unlock doors during fire alarms and limit employee access to high-security areas within the building. As a business owner, you can set schedules to allow or restrict access during certain periods of the day.

Guardian Alarm also offers several additional features that you can add to your system. Prices will vary depending on the system that you choose. Some additional features that Guardian Alarm provides are:

    • Remote computer access.
    • Easy validation and voiding of access cards.
    • Biometric systems and voice retina recognition.

Monitronics is another top alarm system company within North America. Monitronics was founded in 1994 and has a headquarter in Texas. More than 800,000 customers are served by Monitronics, including commercial and residential customers. The company is known for providing top-of-the-line services and features that the technologically savvy will enjoy and find comfortable to use.

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Monitronics provides standard business security systems as well as multi-site systems for business owners. This system provides a rapid response at 23 seconds, which is considered the best in the industry. All equipment is covered by a lifetime warranty, so you don't have to worry about expensive repair bills. You can rest assured that you will be secured 24 hours a day.

Some additional features that you can add to your service include:

    • Scheduling according to lights and temperatures.
    • Remote control of lights, thermostats and locks.
    • Email and text message alerts.
    • Viewing of live footage online.

Finding the perfect business security system for your business can be daunting. However, you just have to take the time to carefully research your options. Guardian Alarm and Monitronics business security systems both have advantages. You simply have to weigh your needs against what they offer.

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