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Lifeshield vs Monitronics home security systems

Your premier source for comparing LifeShield and Monitronics home security systems, covering everything from equipment to monitoring to installation.

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Monitronics security systemsHome security system reviews are a useful tool for making decisions about which service to use. This review covers important aspects of the home security systems by Monitronics and LifeShield Home Security, such as warranties, monitoring, equipment and installation.

The choice to install home security alarm systems will do more than just keep your family and premises safe from intruders. They also offer protection from fires, carbon monoxide poisoning and flooding.

While Monitronics has been in business since 1994 and currently serves nearly 800,000 customers, LifeShield started offering services in 2002. Each company differs in the equipment and services they provide.

Monitronics is a well-known name in the home security industry. It is among the top three service companies. They received industry recognition for their excellent customer service and quick reaction time for monitoring.

Services are packaged by Monitronics based on a family configuration, with options available for dorm rooms, seniors, families, single parents and individuals. Its services are sold in varying prices by a nationwide network of dealers.

LifeShield panelLifeshield Home Security has not been in business as long as Monitronics, but their limited history is impressive. Its services are packaged based on your needs and additional equipment, from a basic Copper package to an exhaustive Platinum package. A breakdown of their packages:

    • Copper package is a basic residential alarm service with three sensors, a motion detector and a control panel.
    • Gold package offers additional sensors and services for fire emergencies, carbon monoxide level detection and medical emergencies.
    • The Platinum package includes every available monitoring service and wireless cameras.

Monitronics and LifeShield differ in their equipment offerings in these respects:

    • Both company's basic security system components include a control panel, a motion detector, an alarm inside the premises and three entry sensors. Monitronics may require a landline for the control panel.
    • Monitronics uses equipment made by Honeywell or General Electric. All of these products receive excellent reviews. LifeShield uses proprietary equipment that is also rated highly. This gives the advantage of lower prices, but each company's equipment can only be used with each one's services.
    • Monitronics only offers professional installation, and the costs vary among their dealers. LifeShield offers either a self-installation option to install home security alarm products or a professional technician.
    • Contracts are required with either company. Longer contracts may give you access to equipment discounts.
    • Both have a full warranty for their equipment.
    • LifeShield has a price-match guarantee for monitoring services. They also offer a trial period of 30 days. If you aren't happy, you can return your equipment for a full refund.
    • Lifeshield offers cellular monitoring, while Monitronics only has wireless broadband capability. Cellular monitoring is an extremely popular and desired feature in the industry.
    • Lifeshield's LifeView and mobile apps allow off-site control of your system, and if you have cameras, the ability to see what they see. Home security system reviews rate this feature highly. On the contrary, Monitronics doesn't have these services.

As you can see, the companies differ in the equipment they provide, startup costs, guarantees, policies and many other details. Before you call to have a company install home security alarm components, be certain of what you're receiving.

Due to its price-match guarantee, LifeShield home security prices for monitoring are equal to Monitronics home security prices. When you need quick, reliable information about home security, the home security system reviews from Reply! are just the ticket.

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