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Owens Corning vs Tamko asphalt roofing shingles

Roofing brand comparison: Owens Corning vs. Tamko asphalt roofing

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Although there are many companies that manufacture asphalt roofing shingles, two stand out among the rest by being superior in quality and customer service. Owens Corning and Tamko are revolutionary when compared side by side.

There are a few concepts to note when looking at shingles:

  • Wind rating - The higher the wind rating, the more resistant the shingles will be to being blown off.
  • Algae resistance - Different coatings will resist algae for different periods. Longer is better, especially in places where it’s humid or tends to be shaded.
  • Warranty - Warranties can range from 15 years to a lifetime. You will usually pay for the difference, but often it’s worth it.

Owens Corning asphalt shinglesOwens Corning was founded in 1938 and continues to be a market-leading innovator in its respective field. Owens Corning also prides itself on establishing an eco-friendly recycling program. Tamko first opened in 1944 with a single asphalt shingle line and is committed to advancing the industry. Although both companies have their similarities, there are many different qualities that set the two apart.

Tamko currently offers the Heritage line of shingles, which includes types like Vintage and Woodgate. The Vintage type lends a creative look by using deeper lines and offset patterns. Woodgate is known for its simplicity and looks like real wood. Tamko also offers an extensive warranty on their Heritage line, including a fifty-year limited warranty, ten-year algae preventive warranty, fifteen-year warranty on wind damage up to 130 mph and a five-year transferable warranty.

Tamko has a comprehensive inventory of different types of shingles in several various colors. Interestingly, Tamko also offers deck and patio options, an uncommon practice among roofing material providers.

Tamko shinglesOwens Corning is a reputable company and a cornerstone in the roofing industry. Their recycling program is comprehensive and offers incentives to contractors who recycle. The amount of material assigned to landfills can be tremendous, and Owens Corning perceived this as a common problem. The company is collectively known for producing the TruDefinition line of shingles.

The most notable difference between both companies is that Owens Corning offers a limited lifetime warranty that can extend past your natural life. Owens Corning also has more options in regards to the type of shingles they offer. They can provide specialty products as well, such as shingles that can withstand an incredible amount of force.

Tamko and Owens Corning both offer laminated architectural shingles, organic shingles, fiberglass shingles and 3-tab shingles, but Owens Corning definitely has the advantage when considering the amount of options available. Both Companies can also provide a contractor to give you a roofing estimate.

Although roofing costs could be lowered if you use a local contractor, the added benefit of choosing a company-qualified contractor can be enormous. If you find someone who can install roofing, always make sure that they are reputable and carry the proper insurance. Reply! currently has many options to help choose the best contractor in your area.

Don't be overwhelmed when trying to find the right roofing material manufacturer. Sometimes all it takes is for you to check the websites and see what they can offer in regards to your current needs. Despite their similarities, Owens Corning and Tamko both offer a competitive line of asphalt roofing shingles. Remember, a new roof can greatly increase the value of your home, and it's important to choose the right manufacturer.

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