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Protection 1 vs Monitronics business security systems

Read what sets Protection 1 and Monitronics apart when it comes to your business security system.

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No matter where you go or what you do, you will find that the security of your business is always on your mind. There is a reason why the top corporations install systems that monitor their buildings every hour of the day. Protection 1 and Monitronics business security give you the chance to protect your business and feel better when you cannot be there in person.

protection 1 securityProtection 1 is a national business that prides itself on providing local support. Though its head office is in Illinois, it has local offices scattered across the country as well as a disaster recovery center, national accounts center and multiple monitoring centers.

The disaster recovery center acts as a backup for the local centers by keeping a record of every account on-site. If disaster strikes, the recovery center jumps into action, keeping your alarm and monitoring systems functioning properly.

Business security reviews about Protection 1 are usually positive when discussing its digital systems. These systems use Web-based technologies that reduce the risk of someone hacking into your system.

You can customize your package by picking and choosing from various products, including video cameras, fire monitoring, window and door sensors, electronic keypads and other components.

The company also promises that when you install a business security system, you will always speak to a representative, and if any service problems occur, a technician will reach your business within 24 hours.

Monitronics prides itself on offering two-way communication for business owners, which is useful when you accidentally trigger the alarm. Within seconds after the alarm sounds, the company contacts you over the two-way system. You can ask the company to contact outside help, or you can let them know that you have the problem under control.

Monitronics also offers additional support in the form of fire and rescue when an emergency occurs.

monitronics security systemsWhen looking at business security alarm prices, you want to look at what the entire package covers. Both Monitronics and Protection 1 have packages starting at around $50 per month, which does not cover any optional features that you add to the package or the cost of the equipment.

Monitronics is one of the few companies that offer multi-site business protection. This is especially helpful if you run a business with multiple operational facilities such as a business with two warehouses or three factories. The company can set up the alarm system so that it monitors every building and property associated with your business.

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Protection 1 and Monitronics business security packages include a variety of different services and products that will make your employees feel safe every day.

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