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Time Warner vs Cox Communications home security system

For Time Warner home security system, you need to have their Net service. Cox Communication is not national and is more regionally based.

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For many homeowners, finding an easy-to-install home security alarm does not need to be a headache. If you are choosing between Time Warner and Cox Communication, know that both companies have location-based service restrictions, so it is crucial to determine which one provides home security in your area.

Reply! can give you all of the necessary details, from Time Warner home security prices to Cox Communication home security prices, and connect you with a qualified installer in your area.

Time Warner's security system is called IntelligentHome. To install IntelligentHome, you must have Time Warner Cable's Internet service in your home. If you do not live in one of Time Warner's service areas, you cannot purchase this company's security products. If you have Internet service from Time-Warner Cable, the rapid-install home security alarm system can be set up quickly.

time warner home secuirtyTime Warner Cable security features:

    • Home automation controls.
    • All-day and all-night professional monitoring.
    • Multiple service centers.
    • Streaming live video feeds and archived footage.
    • Applications for remote system control.

The IntelligentHome system also allows you to automate your home, so you can increase energy efficiency and manage the house from afar. Whether you want to turn the heat on just before you get back from vacation or keep the lights on to prevent burglaries, IntelligentHome can help. If you already have a security system in place, Intelligent home integrates additional protection and automation.

Time Warner's IntelligentHome automation options include:

    • Custom alert settings.
    • Changing thermostat levels from Internet applications.
    • Setting lights to turn on and off at specific times.
    • Fire alerts.
    • Online service management.

Cox Communications home security touchscreenCox Communication provides home security services to a limited number of cities around the United States. The first step in the choice between Time Warner and Cox Communication is to determine whether Cox provides service in your area. Cox mainly offers service in the Southern half of the United States and along the East Coast. Check home security system reviews to learn about the service and support in your region.

Cox Communications home security touchscreen

Cox Communication home security features:

    • Remote access.
    • Smart home controls.
    • Video and still images.
    • Fire and hazard detectors.
    • Fast response times.

Cox Communications offers two packages, each tailored to a different level of security. The Essential package is the least expensive option, while the Preferred package offers several more features for a slightly higher price.

All Cox Communication packages include:

    • Cellular backup systems.
    • Apps for your smartphone.
    • Text and email alerts.
    • Wireless router.
    • Motion detectors.
    • Sensors for your windows and doors.

A quality alarm or security alert system can protect your loved ones and your valuable possessions from robbery and fire. When you are looking to integrate a quick-install home security alarm into your house, Time Warner home security prices and Cox Communication home security prices are comparable to other major security companies.

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