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Time Warner vs FrontPoint home security systems

Learn all you need to know about Time Warner and FrontPoint home security systems and pricing.

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Time Warner and FrontPoint offer home security systems that protect homeowners against burglaries, fires and other emergencies. Before you decide to install home security alarm components from either service provider, you should read home security system reviews and compare Time Warner home security prices with FrontPoint home security prices.

time warner securityTime Warner offers three equipment packages for its home security monitoring service. The Select package costs about $99.99 and includes wireless security sensors. The Premiere package costs around $399.99 and contains wireless controllers and wireless sensors. The Ultra package consists of wireless sensors, controllers, lighting controls and thermostat controls, and it costs an average of $699.99.

Time Warner IntelligentHome iPhone and iPad applications

Customers can choose from the following when they are ready to install home security alarm components:

    • Wireless keychain remotes.
    • Touchscreen control panels.
    • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
    • Water and flood sensors.
    • Door and window sensors.
    • Barrier break detectors.
    • Motion detectors.
    • Glass break detectors.
    • Lighting adapters.
    • Remote-controlled thermostats.
    • Appliance adapters.
    • Interior and exterior cameras.

Time Warner's monitoring prices start at $33.99 per month and vary based on the system features selected. Be sure to check any available home security system reviews before you decide to install home security alarm components from Time Warner or any other company.

FrontPoint security appsFrontPoint offers wireless security systems for homeowners, reducing the overall cost of home security and giving them the ability to use the service with a cellular phone instead of a landline. Customers must purchase their selected system components, but they can save money on the equipment by committing to several years of monitoring service.

FrontPoint security apps

The control panel costs at least $238.99 and has the following features:

    • Mounting kit.
    • Internal siren.
    • Digital keypad.
    • Backlit LCD screen.
    • System vocabulary of 212 words.
    • 39-sensor capacity.

Customers also have the option of purchasing a second touch-screen panel. This panel has home automation features that make it possible to turn the lights on and off and control the thermostat remotely. The touchscreen panel costs around $139.99.

The remote touchpad gives customers control of their security systems from anywhere in the home. The system issues verbal confirmations for commands and alarms, making it easier to use the touchpad in the dark. This equipment costs an average of $79.99. Customers who have elderly family members or children with medical issues may want to consider purchasing a medical panic pendant, which goes for about $39.99.

FrontPoint offers three residential monitoring plans: Protection, Interactive and Ultimate. The Protection plan includes monitoring for intrusion, fires and floods. It relies on cellular signals instead of landline phone service. This plan costs about $35 per month.

The Interactive plan includes everything in the Protection plan and the following features:

    • Protection against damage to the control panel.
    • Text message and email alerts.
    • Remote system control.
    • Location-based services.

The Interactive plan costs at least $42.99 per month.

The Ultimate plan also includes advanced home automation features and wireless video at an average cost of $49.99 per month.

Whether you choose a basic security monitoring plan or an advanced system, proper installation is essential. Reply! can help you find an experienced contractor in your area after you have compared Time Warner home security prices with FrontPoint home security prices and their features.

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