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Time Warner vs LifeShield home security

LifeShield may be a newer to the home security market, but their prices are right. Don’t forget considering Time Warner as an option as well.

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Before you install a home security alarm, there are several factors to consider. Home security system reviews and prices are important to research before settling on a security provider. Both Time Warner home security prices and LifeShield home security prices are competitive, and the companies offer the value that families look for in home protection.

Time Warner is an established and trusted name in cable service, but it also provides home security services. The IntelligentHome security system offers state-of-the-art features at competitive prices. 

time warner home secuirtyYou can expect the following features with Time Warner home security:

    • Packages starting at $33.99 per month offer round-the-clock monitoring for security and fire protection.
    • Remote lighting and climate control.
    • Emergency panic alarms on the in-home touchscreen give you the ability to notify medical, fire and police personnel of an emergency in your home.

Time Warner home security prices cover a wide range of features and equipment. Additional equipment is available if you choose to modify your home security packages. You can add flood sensors, lighting adaptors, appliance adaptors, extra cameras and thermostat controls. Basic equipment packages start at $99.99. The Ultra package is priced at a rough $699.99 and includes most equipment offered by Time Warner.

LifeShield productsLifeShield may not be as well known as some of the major security companies, but this newer company offers quality security equipment at affordable prices. The company is notable for offering medical monitoring with all security packages. Most companies include this monitoring only as an addition to more expensive packages. 

LifeShield products

You can expect the following from LifeShield:

    • Security packages starting at $29.99.
    • Round-the-clock monitoring for burglary and theft.
    • Daily home safety grade reports.
    • Crime alerts.
    • Email and text notifications.

If you are looking for value when it comes to home security, LifeShield home security prices cover many of the same features as other companies at a fraction of the cost. The company is known for its cutting-edge approach to home security.

LifeShield also offers a range of home security kits for added protection. Each kit comes at a different price point, ranging from $29.99 per month to $39.99 per month. Each one is tailored to meet specific needs.

For instance, one of LifeShield's kits is geared especially toward renters, while another is specifically for homeowners. Wireless cameras and video monitoring are just some of the features available with the home security kits.

Reply! can help you decide which features and options are best for your family, allowing you to make the best decision when it comes to protecting your home and loved ones. The service can also help you find the best local resources for installation.

Reading home security system reviews and comparing prices will be of great help to families seeking to install home security alarm systems. Time Warner home security prices and LifeShield home security prices represent some of the best values on the home protection market.

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