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Composite siding vs stone siding: a comparison guide

Comparing composite siding vs stone siding, one is more durable and one is more versatile. Find out more.

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Siding acts as a protective covering for the exterior of your home, shedding water and shielding the main structure from the effects of weather. If your siding needs repair, compare the benefits and drawbacks of composite siding vs stone siding as part of your search for a potential replacement.

Composite siding

Which fits you? Composite siding vs stone siding?Composite siding can be made by bonding sawdust or shredded wood together with weather-resistant glue. However, it is most commonly made from fiber cement board, which is a mixture of cellulose fiber, Portland cement and sand. Manufactured to mimic the look of wood siding, composite boards are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and textures.

Fiber cement siding is inexpensive and easy to install. Resistant to termites and other bugs, this type of siding is also robust enough to resist expansion or contraction whenever the temperature or weather changes. Water cannot penetrate composite shingles, so they do not rot, warp or dent, and can look as good as new for years to come. 

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Stone siding

Stone house by chicagogeek on FlickrWhile stone siding prices tend to be significantly higher than composite siding prices, a high-quality real stone siding is extremely durable and will last a lifetime without the need of maintenance.

If you are choosing between composite siding vs stone siding on the basis of cost, it is important to consider additional factors such as future maintenance and installation.

Stone siding is resistant to both water and fire. It also acts as an excellent insulator, retaining heat inside your home during winter and helping keep it cool during summer.

The high initial cost of stone siding means it can greatly enhance the value of your home. You can usually expect to pay between $15 and $30 per square foot for siding made of natural stone. Siding made from composite material can cost as little as $3 per square foot.

Because of the additional weight, stone siding installation can be more complicated and require specialized skills, especially if it is being fitted to areas of a home that are high above ground level. Siding made from composite materials is usually much lighter and can be installed by anyone with basic DIY skills. A possible compromise is to use cultured stone siding, which mimics the look of natural stone but is lighter, cheaper, and easier to install. 

When comparing composite siding vs stone siding, composite siding is more versatile, particularly when it comes to the choice of shapes, textures and colors. Composite siding can be prepainted in almost any color to match or complement the exterior of your home and can be repainted a different color to give your home a fresh new look.

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Second photo credit: chicagogeek via Compfight CC.