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  • Composite siding vs stucco siding: a comparison guide

Composite siding vs stucco siding: a comparison guide

Your budget and local climate conditions will play a large role in determining if composite siding vs stucco siding is right for you.

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No home is finished until some kind of exterior siding is installed. If you've been comparing composite siding vs stucco siding, you may have noticed the overwhelming amount of information.

Comparing siding prices and installation costs can lead you into a dizzying maze of numbers. You can simplify the process of picking a siding product by learning the vital details about each option.

Composite siding

Composite siding vs stucco siding — which one will it be? Photo by Everlast Siding.jpgAs the most exposed layer of exterior material on your home, siding has to handle quite a bit of moisture and sun exposure without breaking down prematurely. Composite siding is designed to provide as much durability as possible at a lower price point as stone or other natural products. Options within this category include:

    • Fiber cement board: This product combines sand and Portland cement with cellulose fibers to create a tough board that can come with a 50-year warranty. This material won't rot and doesn't attract insects like wood does.
    • Engineered wood: This product blends both real wood fiber and resin-based binding agents that provide strength and protection from the elements. You'll get the look of wood without the constant need to repaint or treat for termites.
    • Composite acrylic siding: This product features a solid core surrounded by insulation and a polymer coating to tie the ingredients together.

Composite siding tends to cost a bit less than other options. Basic materials and installation can cost as little as $4.50 per square foot covered. However, these materials can be heavier and harder to install than vinyl or wood. Consider the benefits of each type of composite siding vs stucco siding before choosing any one of three options.

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Stucco siding

Stucco siding by astro twilight on FlickrStucco siding prices are high, with an average price of $5.60 per square foot for the least expensive products. These large panels are constructed of Portland cement mixed with lime, sand and water. The cement is spread over a mesh backing, also known as lath. When the material has cured, the panel can be mounted to quickly cover the exterior of a home without the extra labor of hand application for a stucco finish.

    • When choosing between composite siding vs stucco siding, consider these advantages:
    • Cement offers plenty of insulation value, helping you spend less on heating and cooling.
    • Color options are nearly limitless due to the variety of dyes and paints compatible with the siding.
    • Extra fire resistance protects your home if you live an area where wildfires are common.

However, stucco can be expensive to repair if it isn't allowed to cure fully after installation, or it cracks in the process.

No matter what your final decision will be when comparing composite siding vs stucco siding, turn to Reply! when it's time to choose your siding contractors. Finding contractors who are experienced with siding installation ensures that your home's exterior will look great regardless of the materials you pick.

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Second photo credit: astro twilight via Compfight CC.