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Disability remodeling contractor: what to look for

An excellent breakdown of what qualifications a disability remodeling contractor should have. Don't miss out.

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Check the qualifications of your disability remodeling contractor thoroughly. Photo by williamhartz on Flickr.If someone in your home has a physical disability, remodeling may be the best way to accommodate that person's needs. When remodeling for a disability, selecting a contractor is one of the most important steps in the process. The right disability remodeling contractor will ensure the work is done properly and within the budget you establish.

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When you are ready to select a disability remodeling contractor, look for one who has an established business in your neighborhood. Local contractors care about their communities, so hiring someone from a local business makes it more likely that you will get quality work.

Once you have a few names in mind, ask for references from your local chamber of commerce or from people who have used the contractor's services in the past.

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If your state requires contractors to be bonded or licensed, you should also contact the state licensing agency to verify the contractor you are considering meets all state requirements.

Verifying a residential renovation contractor's experience and credentials is one of the most important steps to take before you start remodeling for a disability. Selecting a contractor with verifiable credentials will help minimize the risk of problems during the renovation project.

Check with your local Better Business Bureau or your state's consumer affairs agency to see if the contractor you are considering has had any complaints filed by customers. The presence of one complaint should not disqualify a contractor from consideration. Repeated complaints about low-quality work or project scheduling issues may make you consider another contractor.

Ask each contractor to provide proof of insurance or a copy of a state contracting license, as doing so can protect you when hiring someone to complete a disability remodeling project.

The bidding process is another important part of hiring a remodeling contractor. Selecting a contractor based on several bids can help you save money on your remodeling project, but price should not be your only consideration.

Choosing a contractor based on price alone has several potential consequences. One is that the price of the project may increase every time the contractor submits a change order. If your project specifications change or your original plans had a design flaw, you may end up paying the lowest bidder more than you would have paid one of the other bidders. This is why you should also consider professional qualifications when reviewing bids for a project that will help you accommodate physical disabilities.

Accommodating disabilities is possible if you have a contractor with experience building wheelchair ramps, widening doorways and making other modifications to existing structures. When you are remodeling for a disability, selecting a contractor who has experience is one of the best ways to ensure your project is completed properly.

Ask for references and check each disability remodeling contractor's qualifications until you find someone who can deliver what you need at a price you can afford.

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Photo credit: williamhartz via Compfight CC.