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DIY air conditioner ideas

Learn how to install an AC unit and DIY air conditioner tips and tricks to creating your own units.

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A DIY air conditioner will only get you so far.Adding an air conditioner to your house sounds easy, especially if you opt for a window unit. All you need to do is set the air conditioner in the window, drop the top pane, and you're done. DIY air conditioner ideas go a little further. Not only do you learn how to install an AC unit, but you learn tips and tricks to creating your own units.

The first thing that you need to know is how to install the air conditioner. You might compare air conditioner prices, talk to a contractor about your HVAC system and determine the size that you need for the room.

You can easily install air conditioner units in your home when you choose window units. Open the window and rest the AC on top of the bottom sill. Lean the unit back slightly until it tilts down and away from the window, and gently drop the top window until it sits flush with the top of the unit.

Pull the panels out from each side until each panel touches the sill. Depending on your model, you might need to screw through the panels and into the sill for additional stability. 

A DIY air conditioner keeps you cool for only so long. Connect with contractors for AC info and installation quotes!

Additioneral DIY air conditioner ideas might include how to make a window unit work in a vertical or sliding window. This typically involves building your own frame, which you then affix to one end of the window. You close the sliding window until it reaches the frame, and you place the AC inside the frame. A piece of plywood nailed or screwed over the front of the frame blocks any empty spaces, keeping the cool air from leaking out of your home.

The only issue that you'll have when it comes to DIY air conditioner is change an existing unit, you'll no longer be covered under the existing warranty.

Before you attempt to build your own AC with a Styrofoam cooler and a fan or PVC pipe and plastic bottles, you should buckle down and request an air conditioner estimate. This estimate will help you determine if you can afford green air conditioning or central air.

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While building your own air conditioner might sound like a fun way to spend a weekend, you might find that the unit doesn't meet your home cooling needs. Toss your DIY air conditioner and connect with a contractor 

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