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Ductless cooling costs and brand options

In many homes, especially older ones, a traditional AC unit is not an option. In response to this challenge, ductless cooling systems offer an alternative HVAC solution.

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Ductless coolingIn many homes, traditional ducted air conditioning simply isn't an option. The large, bulky ducts required for the function of these units are difficult to hide and can ruin the aesthetic of a beautiful interior. In response to these challenges, ductless heating and ductless cooling systems offer an alternative HVAC solution.

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Here are some of the best in the ductless AC market to help you discover the system that's right for you.


A Chinese company founded in 1984, Haier is a leading provider of home cooling equipment. Their air conditioners are both versatile and affordable.

    • HC36D2VAE R-410: A flagship split-system air conditioning unit, this ductless cooling unit has a 3-ton, 36,000-BTU heating and cooling capacity. With an SEER of 13, it is only minimally energy efficient, but this is offset by its low price of roughly $950 and a very good 10-year, parts-only warranty.
    • HPY08XCM: A portable air conditioner that can be wheeled from room to room. The system has an 8,000-BTU capacity, uses a window port for exhaust, and has a self-draining condenser for dehumidification. At $260, this machine has received good reviews, but has only a one-year limited manufacturer warranty.


An American company dating back to 1918, Frigidaire has been providing refrigeration equipment for nearly a century. Frigidaire offers a one-year full warranty on all products and a five-year warranty on sealed systems.

    • FRS12PYS1: This Frigidaire split-system ductless AC comes has a low-profile internal component that can be wall mounted for reduced visibility. It has a 12,000 BTU heating and cooling capacity. It is both cost and energy efficient at 18 SEER and an estimated $900 price-tag.
    • FRA Series: The Frigidaire FRA series is its main line of window-mounted air conditioners. They are remote controlled and available in an enormous range of sizes and capacities to fit any window. The FRA103BT1, for example, fits a 15-by-26-inch window, provides 10,000 BTU of heating and cooling, and costs around $350 with Frigidaire's warranty.


The 1870 Mitsubishi conglomerate continues to provide excellent mechanical and electrical products today. All of Mitsubishi's ductless HVAC systems are backed by a five-year parts warranty and a seven-year warranty for the compressor, a component rarely insured by other companies.

    • MSZ-GE09NA & MUZ-GE09NA: With an SEER of 21, the Mitsubishi Mr. Slim ductless AC is incredibly energy efficient. Its wall-mounted internal component is unobtrusive at 22 pounds and provides 9,000 BTU of heating and cooling. The unit costs roughly $1,400 but is backed by Mitsubishi's excellent warranty.
    • PLA Series: The PLA series of Mitsubishi ductless ACs delivers air through recessed ceiling cassettes that are virtually invisible to the eye. The midrange model has a capacity of 24,000 BTUs, which is capable of handling the HVAC needs of an entire home on its own. Many units in the series have even higher capacities. The above model costs $4,400 for the complete system and has an SEER of 13.6.

You have plenty of options when it comes to a ductless AC. It's always best to hire a contractor to discuss your best options. A professional estimate on the ductless cooling needs of your home will help you make a wise choice, which can mean big savings for you starting today.

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