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  • Ecobee vs Carrier prices, pros and cons: a smart thermostat overview

Ecobee vs Carrier prices, pros and cons: a smart thermostat overview

Find out the details on ecobee vs Carrier smart thermostats.

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When it comes to ecobee vs Carrier, it will depend on your preference.Caring for the environment is becoming a top priority for people all over the world, and there is no better way to be environmentally friendly than to be a good steward of your energy usage. In the world of smart thermostats, ecobee vs. Carrier is one of the most heated debates.

Both thermostat companies work hard to produce energy efficient thermostats that cut down on your energy bills and put less strain on the planet's limited energy resources. However, there are disagreements concerning which company is best. The short answer is that neither company is objectively superior to the other.

Because every homeowner has individual needs, ecobee is the better choice for some while Carrier is the better choice for others. Here are the pros and cons of each company to make it easier to determine which company is best for you.

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The first factor to note in the ecobee vs. Carrier debate is that ecobee is a fairly small company that specializes solely in smart thermostats. Carrier, on the other hand, is a large company that provides multiple services, including affordable options for those that wish to install air conditioner units, heat pumps, furnaces, evaporator coils, boilers, and other products related to home cooling and heating.

If you are interested in getting an air conditioner estimate along with your AC thermostat, contact a qualified contractor for more information on Carrier air conditioner prices. Ecobee does not provide air conditioners.

Ecobee has the upper hand over Carrier when it comes to which product is easier to use. Ecobee built its reputation on its easily programmable thermostat interface, which varies from very simple to slightly complex. However, even ecobee's most complicated interface is relatively easy to learn how to use.

Ecobee is also known as the first thermostat company to release a Wi-Fi enabled thermostat, which revolutionized the industry by giving homeowners the ability to program their thermostat settings from remote locations using a smartphone application.

Carrier Infinity thermostatCarrier has several smart thermostats such as the Carrier Infinity model that have remote programming capabilities as well, but the ecobee Smart Thermostat is still more user-friendly.

However, if you have narrowed your choices down to ecobee vs. Carrier, your top priority is likely saving as much energy as possible. Fortunately, saving energy is easy with both companies. Ecobee customers save up to 26 percent on monthly energy bills, which quickly offset the initial thermostat costs.

On the other hand, Carrier's thermostats vary on energy savings. In spite of this, Carrier does have better warranty options. If you are investing in an expensive thermostat, the warranty may be a deciding factor in your decision.

Remember to hire a reputable contractor when it is time to install your new AC unit. The wrong contractor may install your thermostat in an improper way that results in energy waste.

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While choosing between ecobee and Carrier may be difficult, carefully researching all your options is vital as you prepare to choose the smart thermostat that will serve you for years to come. In spite of each company's pros and cons, there is no clear winner in the debate between ecobee vs. Carrier. Your final decision depends on your individual needs.

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