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Ecobee vs Homewerks Radio prices, pros and cons: a thermostat guide

In an ecobee vs Homewerks Radio comparison, it comes down to which features you desire.

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Considering ecobee vs Homewerks Radio thermostats? Which features are more important to you?A smart thermostat can be a helpful, smart investment. It has the ability to save you hundreds of dollars per year in addition to reducing your environmental impact. Take a look at ecobee vs Homewerks Radio thermostats.

The ecobee Smart Thermostat is the fancier of the bunch, with a colorful graphical interface and more features. The Homewerks Radio programmable thermostat is less complicated and uses a black-and-white interface.

A programmable thermostat will save money by saving energy. It's crucial to consider more than the thermostat costs. A higher-priced unit with more thermostat settings could potentially save more money over the long run.

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The ecobee EB-STAT-02 Smart Thermostat has a list price of roughly $450. When comparing this to the Homewerks thermostat, the first thing that will stand out is the nice color screen.

In addition, the ecobee features many settings and options that will give you complete control over your home cooling and heating needs. The ecobee app available for Blackberry, iPhone and Android devices will allow you to control your AC thermostat on the move. If used properly, this product can pay for itself many times over.

The ecobee's LCD interface includes:

    • An energy conservation mode.
    • Five-day weather forecast.
    • Vacation programming.
    • Dehumidifier and ventilator control.

At first, these features can be intimidating, but the ecobee's interface is intuitive and simple.

The installation can be quite complicated. It's recommended that you hire a licensed HVAC contractor to install it unless you are very competent with electronics.The three-year warranty may be invalid if the product is not installed by a licensed HVAC technician. Reply! can help put you in contact with a qualified HVAC contractor.

Homewerks Radio thermostat CT80Homewerks Radio

The list price of the Homewerks Radio Thermostat CT-30 is about $140. It features touchscreen controls and is capable of being programmed for a seven-day schedule. It's compatible with almost any heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. The install process is straightforward and shouldn't require professional help.

Homewerks Radio can be programed for up to four independent periods per day. For example, you could configure it to turn off your air conditioner while you are at work and program the air conditioner to turn on 15 minutes before you expect to arrive home.

The Homewerks thermostat also has a mobile application for iPhones and Android devices that makes controlling your thermostat easier.

Homewerks Radio thermostat comes with a one-year warranty, slightly less than what is offered by other popular companies. But the cheap entry-level price can make up for it.

This product is a good introduction to smart thermostats. However, there are more complicated products available with many more features that can help save much more money if used correctly.

A smart thermostat is a good investment in home improvement, helps the environment by reducing the amount of energy you use, and can save you hundreds of dollars every year in electrical costs.

If you are not sure whether you will  go with ecobee vs Homewerks Radio, consider the features. If you're looking for a simple product, go with the Homewerks thermostat. However, if you feel that you want more customization, ecobee is the better option for you.

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