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Ecobee vs. Nest: A Smart Thermostat Guide

Looking for ways to improve your energy consumption and save money? Want more control over your home's heating and cooling? Consider ecobee vs. Nest smart thermostats.

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Save energy via your thermostat. Take a look at ecobee vs. Nest smart thermostats. Photo by woodleywonderworks on Flickr.Controlling heating and cooling costs can be challenging for any homeowner. New advances in technology have changed the way that thermostats operate, allowing homeowners to take control of costs through the use of smart thermostats. An ecobee vs. Nest smart thermostat comparison can help you determine if this technology can benefit your home.

Smart features

Smart thermostats offer much more than the simple temperature control functionality of older digital thermostat models. Today's smart thermostats are often Wi-Fi enabled with high-definition screens and remote access capability. These thermostats are designed to work with your HVAC unit.

When you decide on a smart thermometer, it's important to learn which features are most important to you. This will help you determine which thermostat brands will offer you the best performance for your thermostat replacement.

In an ecobee vs. Nest comparison, you'll find both thermostats provide feedback about your energy usage. You can use this info to help you modify your usage patterns and save energy. Personalized Web portals allow access to this information whenever you choose to view it.

ecobee thermostatYou can also control your home's climate remotely through an application on your smartphone with both ecobee and Nest thermostat devices.

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The ecobee Smart Thermostat has a touchscreen with color display. The Nest learning thermostat has a sleek design, though it isn't able to display as much on-screen information as its competitor.

Optimal energy data

The Nest thermostat is designed to learn your energy and temperature usage patterns to optimize your energy usage. The ecobee thermostat also uses historical information about your home cooling and heating patterns to reduce your home energy costs. If saving energy is a personal goal, a smart thermostat is a good addition to your home.


Nest thermostatIn an ecobee vs. Nest comparison, you may want to consider pricing. Ecobee doesn't make its prices available directly through its website without you revealing at least some personal information. Yet, Amazon prices ecobee at about $300. Nest pricing is listed at $249 per unit, which doesn't include installation costs.  However, it's very easy to install and can functional within one hour.

You may decide to replace thermostat components at the same time you install air conditioner components in your home. A contractor can provide you with a comprehensive air conditioner estimate that includes thermostat costs as well as air conditioner prices. If you're considering a new thermostat, you should think about whether your AC is ready to be replaced. You may be able to save more money by performing a thermostat installation at the same time as an AC replacement.

Remember to talk to your contractor about any warranty information for both your AC and your programmable thermostat.

Once you have reviewed an ecobee vs. Nest smart thermostat comparison, you should have enough information to decide which thermostat will work best in your home. Use Reply! to find a contractor near you who can install your new smart thermostat.

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Photo credit: woodleywonderworks. Second photo: ecobee thermostat. Third photo: Nest. First and third photo via Compfight CC.