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Fans vs air conditioners: a savings overview

When it comes to fans vs air conditioners, save on air conditioning costs using fans.

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Fans vs air conditioners: Which will it be? Or it can be both. Photo by elston on Flickr.Installing an efficient HVAC system is a tried-and-true method for reducing the energy costs of heating and cooling your home. Comparing fans vs air conditioners, you'll find that by combining your air conditioner with fans throughout your home, you can lower home cooling costs tremendously.

A properly installed air conditioner that's sized for your home can provide all the cooling you need regardless of outside temperatures. However, running the unit 24 hours a day is an inefficient way to use the unit when you can use fans instead.

Fans require less energy to run than an air conditioning unit does. By installing ceiling or floor fans throughout your home, you can augment the cooling power of your air conditioner, using the air conditioner along with the fans.

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Out of the debate on fans vs air conditioners, there are multiple ways to use your air conditioner with fans. The easiest method, and the one that reduces energy usage the most, is to simply substitute the fans for the air conditioner.

Fans can be a viable alternative to an air conditioner, but only in moderate heat. Fans can create a cooling breeze throughout your home. Yet if the air temperature is very hot, all that the fans can do is blow the hot air around the house.

For warmer days, it's best to use both the air condition and the fans together. With the fans in operation, you can set the air conditioner's thermostat to 78 degrees Fahrenheit. The fans help distribute the cool air from the air conditioner faster, keeping the house cooler for longer periods of time. With this method, the AC does not have to operate as frequently. This keeps the more expensive air conditioner from having to constantly blow air into the home, reducing the energy costs.

Using an air conditioner with fans does not mean limiting yourself to ceiling and floor fans only. The placement of exhaust fans in an attic or ceiling space to dump air directly outside the home can prove greatly beneficial in keeping the house cooled.

Hot air rises above cool air, so the exhaust fan can rid your home of the hot air, allowing the air conditioner to work more efficiently at providing cooler air below. With more cool air circulating throughout the home, the AC unit has less work to do, which lowers energy costs.

Combining the air conditioner with fans and a dehumidifier can also prove helpful. This lowers the humidity of the home and makes the temperature feel cooler, allowing you to raise the thermostat above 78 without feeling uncomfortable with the slightly heightened temperature.

Before installing the fans that you'll need, you should make certain that the air conditioning system is sized correctly for your home. A contractor can check on your unit's current efficiency and provide you with an air conditioner estimate that covers the cost of an upgrade if needed, including air conditioner prices and labor costs to install the air conditioner.

If you're without an AC unit, a quality contractor can provide you with estimate that includes both the cost of the air conditioner and installation.

Contractors may be found in the listings available at Reply! A contractor may also be able to install any fans that you need in the home, including ceiling and exhaust fans. A contractor ensures the installation is done according to manufacturer instructions to keep any warranty intact.

After installing an air conditioner with fans, you can begin to enjoy cool air in the hottest seasons, along with lowered energy bills and solving the fans vs air conditioners debate.

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