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Fiberglass siding vs brick siding: a comparison guide

Learn the pros and cons of fiberglass siding vs brick siding. Which one is best for your home?

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Homeowners are often torn between which type of siding they should choose. Fiberglass and brick are two top choices. Compare fiberglass siding vs brick siding to determine which is best for you.

Fiberglass siding

Both offer a great look. But when it comes to fiberglass siding vs brick siding, it is your choice. Photo by Apex siding.Fiberglass siding has a lot to offer:

    • It is low maintenance and requires no paint, sealant or caulking.
    • It doesn't need a lot of upkeep, which is one reason that homeowners often turn to fiberglass siding when they are remodeling.
    • It also offers dual resistance to moisture because fiberglass is resistant to rot and is installed in a way that allows for evaporation and drainage between the home and the siding.

From an aesthetic point of view, fiberglass siding can be more pleasing to the eye than brick because it is available in 16-foot lengths. This means that fewer joints will be visible on the exterior walls of your home.

Contractors like to work with it because it is lightweight and easy to maneuver. In fact, fiber cement is about three times as heavy as fiberglass. In a fiberglass siding vs brick siding comparison, brick is much heavier than fiberglass and more laborious to install. 

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Fiberglass does have a few downsides that should be mentioned. The concept of fiberglass siding is fairly new, and because of this, the market isn't very diverse, with only a few dealers carrying it. In parts of the country, fiberglass siding prices are very high. It can be costly to get this type of siding at all, because most of the distributors are in the Northeast and Midwest regions. It is also quite expensive and can cost over $300 per square.

Brick siding

Brick siding by Ian Muttoo on FlickrBrick siding has a lot of character and has been a top choice for decades. As a fiberglass siding vs brick siding comparison will show, brick siding prices are a bit lower than fiberglass. Although, it is still more expensive than the costs for vinyl and composite siding.

With brick, you get a durable material that will last for years without maintenance. It is impervious to rot and will not burn. With proper care, brick siding could last your entire lifetime. Brick siding also helps to lower your utility costs because it can keep heat in during the winter months and cool air in during the summer months. Brick homes generally have a higher resale value too.

No matter which type of siding installation you choose, be sure to factor other costs associated with installation into your decision. Brick siding takes longer to install than fiberglass siding, as each brick must be laid by hand. Moreover, your contractor will also charge labor for removing your old siding and will charge a fee for disposing of it as well.

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Second photo credit: Ian Muttoo via Compfight CC.