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Frigidaire vs Bryant AC prices, pros and cons

Choosing the right AC unit can be confusing, so you should consider several factors when you're comparing Frigidaire vs. Bryant AC units.

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Home cooling is one of the main concerns you face in the summertime. Choosing the right AC unit can be confusing, so you should consider several factors when you're comparing Frigidaire vs. Bryant AC units.

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Frigidaire air conditioners

Frigidaire vs Bryant ACsWhen comparing Frigidaire vs. Bryant AC systems, you should start by looking at the different models each company has to offer. Frigidaire is well known in the industry for making quality, durable units with a high seasonal energy-efficiency ratio (SEER) rating.

Frigidaire offers 10 different units that all meet the Energy Star seal of approval by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), including the 20 SEER AFUE IQ Drive and the 15 SEER two-stage packaged air system.

The seal means all of Frigidaire's air conditioners contribute significantly to energy savings, and each unit meets a minimum requirement for energy efficiency.

Other pros and cons of Frigidaire products include:

    • Frigidaire units can be purchased directly from the manufacturer instead of going through a wholesaler or contractor.
    • While these units are slightly more expensive to purchase and install than other brands, you'll save money due to the SEER of a Frigidaire unit.
    • Multiple units are available to fit nearly every budget.

Bryant air conditioners

Bryant ACBryant HVAC systems offer fewer options to choose from when comparing Frigidaire vs. Bryant AC systems. In spite of being a smaller company, it still offers some of the most durable and reliable systems in the industry.

Models include the Evolution system, Preferred system and the preferred compact system.

Pros and cons include:

    • Bryant AC systems range from 15 to 20 SEER.
    • The company offers compact units designed for smaller areas.
    • The Evolution series unit was named one of the best buys in AC units by Consumer's Digest.
    • The company sells more efficient units, which means they have a higher initial cost than other companies do.


The cost of a new HVAC unit depends on several factors including the size of the unit and the make and model. The cost of installation will also depend on the cost of labor for installation in your area.

According to This Old House, the average cost for central air conditioning when installed in a home that already has ductwork is around $3,500 to $4,000 for a 2,000 square foot home.

When considering a new HVAC system in your home, talk to several different contractors to find out what the best equipment would be for your situation. It's also a good idea to get warranty information on each air conditioner you consider.

One of the best things to do is call several contractors and ask them for an estimate on the cost to install an air conditioner and any other queries you have.

Once you understand the different air conditioner prices, you can then choose the unit you wish to purchase and hire a contractor to get the AC unit installed in your home.

Compare the costs of installing Frigidaire vs. Bryant AC units before making your final decision. Your contractor will ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible and get you setup in no time.

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