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Frigidaire vs Payne AC prices, pros and cons

You should examine more than air conditioner prices when choosing between Frigidaire vs. Payne AC units.

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You should examine more than air conditioner prices when choosing between Frigidaire vs. Payne AC units. Energy efficiency, warranty conditions, additional options and your specific needs should all be considered.

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Understanding energy efficiency

Frigidaire vs Payne ACsAn air conditioner's energy efficiency is measured by a SEER, which stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio.

Since 2006, the minimum required SEER for an AC is 13. If your AC unit was manufactured before 2006, it will benefit you to install a new air conditioner.

SEER values can range up to 25.

Frigidaire air conditioners

When considering Frigidaire vs. Payne AC units, the pros and cons for Frigidaire are as follows:


    • Several awards for its HVAC systems, the most recent being a Consumers Digest Best Buy award and a Dealer Design Award in 2012.
    • Basic efficiency line of ACs: cost effective and have 13 SEER.
    • Most energy-efficient line of ACs: SEER values ranging from 19 to 24.5.
    • Many options for zone control, allergies, dry air and humidity.
    • Frigidaire Green Collection, which features environmentally friendly units.
    • A 10-year parts warranty.
    • 10-year Comfort Quality Pledge guarantees replacement of certain components under certain conditions.
    • Available extended warranty protection.
    • Financing available.


    • Units generally cost more than Payne AC units.

Payne air conditioners

Payne ACPayne offers a simple line of energy-efficient air conditioners. In deciding between Frigidaire vs. Payne AC units, the pros and cons for Payne ACs are:


    • SEER values ranging from 13 to 17.2.
    • Deluxe dense grille is featured on mid-range and top models and is an option for basic models.
    • Offers very basic units if you are looking for a simple, bare-bones air conditioner at a low cost.
    • Products must complete testing with a 100 percent success rate before leaving the factory.
    • A 10-year limited warranty for parts.
    • Flexible Financing available.


    • No luxury options.
    • No SEER above 17.2.


Payne takes a simple, straight-forward approach with its units, and a reduction in price is one of the advantages. Payne's units undergo testing before leaving the factory, and the units are available with midrange SEER values. Payne's lack of luxury options means fewer electronic components that could need repair at some point.

Frigidaire offers many options and better warranties for its air conditioners. Frigidaire also offers higher energy-efficiency ratings. However, units with higher SEER values are more expensive.

If you do not live in a hot and overly humid or dry area, a unit with an average SEER may be appropriate for your needs. 

In comparing Frigidaire vs. Payne AC units, determine whether you want a simple workhorse or a unit designed for luxurious comfort. Get free estimates from local professionals now to help finalize your decision. These contractors are licensed to install air conditioner systems.

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