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FrontPoint vs Brink’s home security systems

With top-notch technology, find out how FrontPoint and Brink’s home security systems differ.

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Protecting your house and family from harm is one of the most important things that you should consider. Home security systems provide excellent options for ensuring the safety of your home. FrontPoint and Brink's are both fine companies that offer excellent service and some of the most advanced technology in home security systems.

FrontPoint home security appsFrontPoint customers rave about the company's customer service and high-end technology features. FrontPoint has been rated as the number one home security provider by industry experts and surveys. The company was established in 2007 to develop modern home security systems and is known for the 100 percent wireless service and smart technology that provides flexibility as well as convenience.

FrontPoint home security apps

FrontPoint also offers more for your home. A standard plan provides 100 percent cellular protection. This means that all communications between your alarm and FrontPoint will not need the hassles of a landline phone. Each system comes with fire protection monitoring as well as dangerous gas monitoring and every system is professionally installed. Some additional features available include:

    • Appliance and light control.
    • Email and text alerts.
    • Wireless video.
    • Advanced home automation.

Brink's was founded in 1859 by Perry Brink and knows a thing or two about providing top security for your home. Its headquarters are located in Richmond, Va. The company has over 1.4 million customers within North America and more than 650 branches and 7,800 vehicles across 150 countries worldwide. With 56,000 employees, Brink's is one of the largest security system companies across the globe.

Brink's provide the latest in home security technology to meet the increasing concern of home safety. Brink's also has several monitoring centers across the country, which provide extra security and faster response time if there is a burglary in your home.

Brink's offers infrared motion detectors, wireless keychain remotes, and advanced control centers to provide top-notch security for your home. Other features include:

    • Two-way intercom.
    • Cellular monitoring.
    • DIY systems.
    • Door and window sensors.

Making the right choice for your home security system can be a stressful and expensive process. Home security systems provide valuable protection for your family members and treasured home items, so making the best choice is very important.

To help you make the right choice, consider home security system reviews to weigh the pros and cons of choosing each company. Make a list of what is most important for you to feel safe in your abode.

FrontPoint and Brink's home security prices can differ because features and contracted plans change semi-regularly. In order to determine the exact price for your system, talk to a professional agent who can make an assessment of what your home needs.

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