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GAF Ridglass SBS-Modified Premium vs TimberTex Ridge Cap Shingles

A comparison of GAF ridge cap shingles: Ridglass SBS-Modified Premium vs TimberTex

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When you are choosing roofing materials, the ridge cap shingles are an important consideration, as they put the finishing touch on your home. GAF makes two leading ridge cap shingle options: Ridglass and TimberTex. As you compare GAF Ridglass SBS-modified premium vs. TimberTex ridge cap shingles, turn to Reply! to find information about price, weather rating and customer reviews. By doing your research into roofing materials, you can ensure a long-lasting investment.

GAF Ridglass Ridge Cap Shingles
GAF Ridglass Ridge Cap shinglesGAF's Ridglass line of ridge cap shingles is part of the company's Lifetime Roofing System, which comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The shingles are available in both eight-inch and ten-inch widths, so you can select the option that is best for your roof size. Both shingle sizes have an eight-inch exposure. The GAF Ridglass ridge cap shingles are carry a UL 790 fire rating of Class A. If you are considering Ridglass shingles, location is an important factor.

The shingles are available only in the company's western service area, so they cannot be installed on roofs on the East Coast and many other parts of the country. Like most roofing companies, GAF does not list their asphalt shingle prices on their website. Because the cap shingles offer a more efficient use of space than easy-install asphalt roofing shingles, however, you can save money on both equipment and installation costs.

GAF TimberTex Ridge Cap Shingles
GAF TimberTex Ridge Cap shinglesGAF's TimberTex shingles offer a way to add depth and dimension to a roof, even if you are using standard 3-tab shingles as your base residential roofing material. The shingles reinforce your roof at high-stress points, adding strength and stability. TimberTex shingles are part of GAF's Smart Choice Roof System Solution and can also be installed as part of a Lifetime Roofing System, which ensures a lifetime limited roofing warranty. TimberTex shingles are not limited to a specific service area, so geography is not a factor.

One of the main differences between TimberTex and Ridglass is the width. TimberTex ridge cap shingles are available in 12-inch lengths and have an eight-inch exposure, which gives them a distinctive look. Because the shingles are wider than Ridglass shingles, you may need fewer to cover the same space, which can save money on your roofing cost. The TimberTex shingles have the same UL 790 Class A fire rating as the Ridglass line, ensuring maximum protection.

As you seek out a roofing estimate from a contractor that provides GAF shingles, location is often a determining factor. People outside of the GAF western service area are limited to TimberTex shingles. If you live in the GAF western service area, the final decision often comes down to aesthetics and price. Ridglass offers two smaller sizes, while TimberTex offers a single width, and each option creates a specific look that affects the final roof appearance.The right roofing materials for your project can affect everything from performance to resale value. As you make a GAF Ridglass SBS-modified premium vs. TimberTex ridge cap shingles comparison, use Reply! to research each option and determine which is best for you.

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