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GAF Ridglass SBS-Modified Premium vs Z-Ridge Ridge Cap Shingles

Comparison of GAF ridge cap shingles: Ridglass SBS-Modified Premium vs Z-Ridge

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Moisture can be dangerous to the roof and structure of any home. Asphalt shingles, along with ridge cap shingles, form a layer of protection that helps keep moisture out. Before choosing shingles for your roof, a comparison of GAF Ridglass SBS-Modified Premium vs. Z-Ridge ridge cap shingles could prove useful, especially if you're looking to give your roof a wood shake appearance.

GAF is a leading manufacturer of roofing materials. The company produces a wide range of residential roofing products, including 3-tab shingles those looking to install asphalt roofing shingles can use to provide the roof with a wood shake look without the high wood shake price. To go along with these shingles, GAF manufactures two types of compatible ridge cap shingles, Ridglass Premium shingles and Z-Ridge shingles.

GAF Ridglass SBS-Modified
GAF Ridglass SBS-Modified ridge and cap shinglesBuilt for use in the Western area of the nation, Ridglass SBS-modified ridge cap shingles are manufactured for use with an architectural shingle roof. They're available in widths of eight and 10 inches to allow for coverage of steep and rounded peaks both. The shingles are also thick enough to provide a look of depth when set in place, giving the appearance of a thick wood shake. A self-seal adhesive is placed on the base of each of the shingles to help hold them tightly in place when hit by high-speed winds. The shingles feature a pre-folded design to create smooth lines and are colored to match the existing lines of architectural shingles produced by GAF.

GAF Z-Ridge
GAF Z-Ridge ridge and cap shinglesGAF Z-Ridge shingles are also designed for use with an architectural shingle roof, though they can also be utilized with strip-shingle roofs to add dimension along the ridgeline and at the roof hips. Each of the shingles is pre-folded and has the appearance of wood shakes like the Ridglass shingles, and colored to match the architectural shingles produced by the company. They are also pre-scored by a machine to speed up the process of installation by making cutting easier. The scoring also helps to avoid irregularities in shingle sizes that can mar the lines of your roof.

The Z-Ridge shingles are smaller than Ridglass shingles, possessing a 5 5/8-inch exposure size rather than the 8-inch size of the Ridglass ridge cap shingles. The Z-Ridge shingles are also only available in a 10-inch-wide size. Both ridge cap shingle types have a limited lifetime warranty that may be transferred to a second homeowner. They also have non-prorated coverage, which is available for 10 years after installation. To ensure that the warranty remains valid, the installation should be done by a professional roofer.

Roofers can be found using Reply! for listings in your area. Once you locate a roofer you wish to do the installation job for you, that roofer can give you roofing cost estimates for both ridge shingle type.

After you receive the roofing estimate, including the cost of labor and asphalt shingle prices, you can make a fair comparison of GAF Ridglass SBS-Modified Premium vs. Z-Ridge Ridge Cap Shingles to determine which shingle type is best to use for your home. Such a choice can be based on many factors from weather conditions in your region to available colors.

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