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GAF Roofing shingles pros, cons and costs

Your guide to GAF Roofing shingles from pricing to warranty.

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GAF Roofing shingles line of Timberline ArmorShield II shingles in Weather WoodMany reputable companies provide excellent roofing products, but GAF roofing shingles are some of the best in the nation.

GAF is the biggest manufacturer of both residential and commercial roofing in America. Founded in 1886, GAF has worked for well over a century to help architects and property owners choose roofing that is affordable, well made and safe. GAF stands on the principle that roofing contractors and supportive distributors alike should be able to build business without hassle.

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However, whether or not you choose GAF to provide your commercial or residential roofing may not depend solely on the company's reputation. This Reply! guide covers the pros, cons and costs of GAF's roofing services to make your decision easier.

The first thing most homeowners want to know is how much the roofing project will cost. While GAF's roofing prices are fair, they are not inexpensive, and homeowners may be initially put off by the cost of GAF's products.

Yet quality is important when it comes to residential roofing, and you are paying for quality when you purchase GAF roofing shingles. No company with a low roofing cost is going to have high-quality products that will last a long time, especially if you live in an area with harsh weather.

When you choose a low roofing cost over quality, you end up losing money in the long run when you need to replace your shingles. Roof repair can be expensive, especially if your low-quality shingles begin to leak and damage the interior of your home.

If you would like an estimate, connect with a professional contractor in your area to make it easier to decide on a set of shingles you can afford.

Whether you prefer stylish shingles that imitate a mansion roof or a traditional asphalt roof, GAF has plenty of options to choose from. Your asphalt roofing can look just as stylish as the other roofing options at a price that is manageable.

Best of all, GAF lists its shingles in order of price from highest to lowest, so you can immediately tell which shingles best suit your budget. Your price will also vary depending on which contractor you choose to install your roofing.

It is also important to note that GAF roofing shingles come with a lifetime warranty and non-prorated coverage for the first 10 years. Companies that offer lifetime warranties have faith that their products are of high quality, which is very important.

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Whether you choose to use GAF for your roofing project depends on your individual needs as a homeowner. However, if you purchase GAF roofing shingles, you can rest assured you are supporting a reputable company that has provided roofing services for over a century.

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