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GAF Timberline Ultra HD vs ArmorShield II asphalt shingles

A guide to GAF asphalt roofing shingles: Timberline Ultra HD vs ArmorShield II

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When you compare GAF Timberline Ultra HD and ArmorShield II asphalt shingles, you can see that each product serves different needs for those planning to install roofing shingles. By understanding the differences between these two products, you can choose the one that best fits your requirements and brings you the maximum benefit. You can also make a good decision by being familiar with the general pros, cons and pricing options for GAF shingles.

GAF Timberline Ultra HDThe main benefit of Ultra HD shingles is that they increase your home's resale value by giving the roof a wood-shake look. A roof that appears to have wood shingles is aesthetically pleasing to many homebuyers and is therefore likely to increase demand for your home when you put it on the market. Although they have a woody look, Ultra HD shingles are made out of thick fiberglass asphalt. They therefore offer superior protection over wood. If you live in the east or Midwest, GAF recommends using Timbertex Premium ridge-cap shingles for finishing along roof peaks. If you live in the west, GAF suggests Ridglass Premium ridge-cap shingles.

Whereas Ultra HD shingles are designed to generate more money for you, ArmorShield II shingles are meant to save you money. These shingles pass the UL 2218 Class 4 impact test, possibly yielding 30 percent or greater savings on insurance premiums. Your insurance company is more likely to offer a discount if you live in a part of the country with frequent hail storms. Although ArmorShield II shingles may not have the same aesthetic appeal as Ultra HD shingles, they may make more sense financially depending on where you live. To increase insurance savings, GAF recommends using Seal-A-Ridge ArmorShield, UL 2218 Class 4 ridge-cap shingles for finishing.

GAF ArmorShield IIBoth Ultra HD and ArmorShield II shingles offer you a few of the same benefits. Each is rated to resist winds up to 130 mph. They also have Class A fire ratings from Underwriters Laboratories. This is superior to the Class C ratings that wood shakes receive. Most importantly, GAF offers a lifetime roofing warranty on both Ultra HD and ArmorShield II. However, you should be aware that the lifetime warranty is pro-rated after ten years. There are numerous warranty options available, so it is best to explore these directly with GAF and to read the fine print for each option.

As with any product, pricing is a major consideration. GAF does not publish the roofing cost for either Ultra HD or ArmorShield II shingles on its website. Prices depend on the amount of shingles necessary, the roofing requirements of the house and the vendor selling the shingles. However, GAF does provide a number of tools to help you develop an accurate roofing estimate. In general, the asphalt roofing shingle cost for both of these types of shingles is greater than the cost for 3-tab shingles. There are also more expensive shingles from GAF, so Ultra HD and ArmorShield II are mid-range options.

Both Ultra HD and ArmorShield II asphalt shingles have financial benefits for homeowners, and choosing the right ones for your home largely depends on your needs. Ultra HD shingles are ideal for making your home more aesthetically appealing and increasing its resale value. ArmorShield II can significantly lower your insurance premium payments depending upon where you live.

Both products offer good resistance to wind and fire and have warranties that give you peace of mind. To get an idea of pricing for each shingle-type, use Reply! to get estimates from local contractors. When you compare GAF Timberline Ultra HD and ArmorShield II asphalt shingles, you see that these products serve different purposes, but they both carry benefits for homeowners.

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