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GAF Timberline Ultra HD vs Cool Series asphalt shingles

A guide to GAF asphalt roofing shingles: Timberline Ultra HD vs Cool Series

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If you are hunting for the best roofing materials, don't forget to compare GAF Timberline Ultra HD vs Cool Series asphalt shingles to your other options. These two product lines from GAF offer radically different sets of features, but they do share common characteristics like fiberglass matting and a wind warranty against gusts up to 130 mph. You will enjoy a limited lifetime roofing warranty on whichever line you choose. Both will protect your roof from water and sun exposure. However, the aesthetics and energy efficiency of the two products vary greatly.

GAF Timberline HDTimberline Ultra HD shingles offer plenty of visual appeal and beauty to homeowners who want their houses to stand out. These 3-tab shingles are slightly more expensive than other architectural products, but they are some of the thickest and most textured materials available. If you are searching for an attractive solution, the higher asphalt roofing shingle cost will still be worth the style these shingles offer. These shingles:

  • Use the patented high-definition color blends to give your shingles depth and texture, such as genuine wood or slate
  • Offer Class A fire protection to minimize roof damage in case an errant spark starts a blaze
  • Meet the Florida and Miami-Dade county building codes due to high wind resistance
  • Sparkle slightly in sunlight due to the diamond shape of the ceramic granules
  • Resist algae growth and other types of staining due to the Stain Guard finish

GAF Cool SeriesGAF's Cool Series shingles will lower your roofing cost and cut your energy bills over the years. Many homeowners choose to install asphalt roofing shingles from this product line because they qualify for the Energy Star residential roofing program from the Environmental Protection Agency. Cool Series shingles:

  • Save you up to 15 percent on your total cooling costs during the summer by bouncing off more light with the reflective ceramic granules
  • Reflect both visible and UV rays of light
  • Last longer than other roofing due to the lower chance for thermal shock
  • Qualify for rebates from many states and counties who are rewarding homeowners for installing materials that improve the energy efficiency of their homes
  • Provide the same Class A fire rating as the Ultra HD shingles
  • Come in three attractive color options

The Cool Series shingles allow you to enjoy a smaller roofing estimate and spend less throughout the lifespan of your roof. They can't, however, beat the look of the Ultra HD shingles from this manufacturer. Compare GAF Timberline Ultra HD and Cool Series asphalt shingles for yourself to decide whether aesthetics are a crucial feature or if improved energy efficiency is more worthwhile. Reply! can help you connect with skilled contractors regardless of which variety of GAF shingles you choose for your roof.

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