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Garage remodeling for a cognitive disability

Be creative when it comes to your garage remodeling for a cognitive disability.

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Get started now on garage remodeling for a cognitive disability. Photo by halle  on Flickr.It's stressful when older relatives who need extra care or supervision move in. One way to help everyone cope is by creating fresh living space through garage remodeling. Cognition disability issues, however, can make this kind of residential renovation extra challenging. By putting additional thought and a lot of love into your garage remodeling for a a cognitive disability plans, you can create a new living space that the person with dementia or similar will love.

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Start by including the person with dementia in your planning, if possible. Ask what would make him happy, what activities are most necessary, and what functions cannot be lived without. You may find that your mother-in-law has to be able to cook or your uncle is secretly addicted to video games and needs a great television space. By planning around those most-loved activities, you help make the remodeled garage inviting and homelike.

Next, look at overall changes. Because people with cognition disabilities often have trouble with light, contrasts and depth perception, a flat, evenly-lit living area with low-static carpeting is the best base. Avoid slick floors or area rugs.

If your home plan requires the use of stairs, install sturdy rails directly into wall studs for support. Install good assistive railings in the bathroom as well, and consider putting in an emergency call button.

Break space up into small compartments. These are easier to work with when creating livable space for people with disabilities of this sort.

If you're planning to use exterior space, make sure your backyard is quiet and fenced in for safety and privacy. Consider installing motion detectors to activate good lighting at night. When dealing with advanced dementia, put an alarm on the door opening to this space so you'll know when your loved one is outside.

For indoors:

    • Add lots of electric outlets during your garage remodeling so you never have to run extension cords.
    • Install kitchen motion detectors if you have a stove, which cause these devices to automatically shut off cooking appliances when no motion is detected in the room.
    • Install reliable smoke and carbon monoxide detectors that you can easily test.
    • Think about accommodating disabilities in the future as well. As dementia progresses, you will need to add functionality and possibly even have room for a wheelchair.

Before your garage remodeling for cognitive disabilities starts, screen potential contractors carefully. Look for individuals and companies that have solid experience in residential remodeling for disabled people, especially those who also have experience with finished garages.

Remodeling garages requires consideration of things you may overlook, like ventilation additions and electrical upgrades. Once you and your contractor have decided on a plan, ask a dementia specialist, like a geriatric nurse, to look over your plans one last time to ensure you haven't forgotten anything.

When you plan for garage remodeling for a a cognitive disability, take special care in selecting just the right contractor. Reply! can help you get the best possible contractor for your needs, eliminating mistakes and saving you money in the long run.

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