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Garage remodeling for a hearing disability

Alarms and sensors can help make a garage remodeling for a hearing disability job a little easier. Find out more.

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Talk to someone with a hearing impairment about garage remodeling for a hearing disability. Photo by halle on Flickr.Going through life with a hearing disability is hard enough without worrying about how you can live comfortably at home. No matter how many people in your family have a disability, you might look at ideas for garage remodeling for a hearing disability. 

Hearing disabilities can range from someone who has trouble hearing and requires a hearing aid to someone who is deaf. When it comes to garage remodeling for a hearing disability, add products, like alert devices, to the top of your list. An alert device lets a deaf person know when someone is at the door, or when something happens that he cannot hear.

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You might use a vibrating pager, which the person can carry in a pocket. The pager works with an alarm on the garage door, and it starts vibrating when someone is there. It can also let those with hearing disabilities know when the garage door is about to open.

If you launch a residential remodeling job because you want to turn the garage into an entertaining or living space, you'll want products like a motion sensor light. This light automatically activates itself when it detects any motion in the surrounding area. People with disabilities can use the lights to find their way around the new room without searching for an overhead light.

You'll also want to add a smoke alarm and a carbon monoxide detector to the room. These detectors are perfect for finished garages because the devices flash bright lights to alert those nearby of the potential danger.  

Depending on how you plan to use the room after you finish your garage remodeling job, you might add products like a bed shaker or light flasher. The light flasher works with a telephone to alert those with hearing impairments when the phone rings. While a bed shaker gently vibrates the bed when an alarm sounds.

Consider adding an emergency alert system too. These systems work well in garages because the device lets someone with a hearing problem press a button to get help from someone in another room.

You might find it helpful to talk to someone with a hearing impairment before you start your residential renovation. Find out what products and tools that person finds helpful to use in your garage remodeling. Hearing disability patients have different needs based on their level of communication.

Connect with contractors when you need help turning your garage into a living room or bedroom for someone with a hearing impairment, or if you need help figuring out how to improve the space. You can find helpful tips at Reply! for garage remodeling for a hearing disability and ways to make those with disabilities feel comfortable in the room.

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Photo credit: halle via Compfight CC.