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Garage remodeling for a physical disability

How will you do your garage remodeling for a physical disability?

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Start your garage remodeling for a physical disability today. Photo by  j l t on Flickr.One reason for residential remodeling is the need to make a room for a family member with a physical disability. People with disabilities can benefit from a home that promotes comfort and easy accessibility. Garage remodeling for a physical disability may require changing the layout of the garage to suit the needs of a family member.

Such a project may include the installation of wide corridors, stairs with lifts and suitable bathrooms. You should consider several factors before starting a residential renovation project.

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Comply with your local zoning and building codes for residential renovation. While a remodeled garage doesn't have to look like a hospital, it must comply with local zoning and building code standards as well as with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards for accessibility design.

Garages are meant to be used as storage and are considered uninhabitable. Consulting a professional contractor can make remodeling decisions faster and more accurate. You can use Reply! to find a skilled and experienced contractor near you.

Depending on your state's regulations, you may be able to apply for an exclusion of reassessment of any new construction. However, you may only apply if you are remodeling or have remodeled your home to make it more accessible for severely or permanently disabled family members. 

The entrance to the dwelling should have a low-maintenance design and be at least 96 inches wide to accommodate mobility devices and lifts. An access ramp or wheelchair ramp is an option to accommodate the disabilities of a family member in a wheelchair. This is especially true if the garage remodeling for a physical disability project may cause a change in elevation.

Make sure the material utilized for the entrance is even and nonslip. Installing a handrail or grab bar along the entrance to the doorway is useful if your family member uses a walking stick.

Doors and corridors must be wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair. The recommended width is 34 to 36 inches to ensure easy turning and maneuvering. A door with a swing-away hinge can be used to provide extra inches of width to narrow corridors. Light switches and handles need to be between three to four feet above the floor.

The bathroom should be designed appropriately during a garage remodeling for a physical disability. It should have enough space for maneuvering a wheelchair and provide easy access to the sink, shower, toilet and any bathroom accessories.

Install a durable, nonslip grab bar by the toilet and on the shower walls and a rubber mat on the floor to provide additional and reliable support.

A countertop sink offers an accessible storage area. Put a durable support underneath the sink to make sure it is strong enough and won't break away from the wall when someone leans on it. You should not place shelves above a countertop sink. Accessible hand-operated flushing controls are recommended for residential bathrooms and toilets.

Consider adding an emergency pull cord to the garage and garage bathroom too.

Garage remodeling for a physical disability should focus on the needs of the disabled person. Design to provide comfort and accessibility, providing the individual with more independnce. Find a contractor in your area now.

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Photo credit: j l t via Compfight CC.