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  • GE vs Goodman air conditioners: a comparison guide

GE vs Goodman air conditioners: a comparison guide

Find the best cooling unit for your home. Compare GE versus Goodman air conditioner prices and features.

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If you have ever had your air conditioner stop working on a humid 90-degree day, you know the importance of buying a reliable AC unit. There are many air conditioning units on the market, so you may want to conduct a GE vs. Goodman air conditioners comparison to help you find the best home-cooling unit for your needs.

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GE vs. Goodman air conditioners

GE vs Goodman air conditioners. Shown here is a GE mini-split AC unit.GE and Goodman are both trusted names in home cooling, but there are some key differences in the units that each companies offers for residential cooling.

Goodman offers a full line of central air conditioning units, while GE sells window and room units for residential use. While a central AC unit can cool a whole home, window and room units have more limits on the amount of space they can cool.

One important factor you will want to consider in a GE vs. Goodman air conditioners comparison is the ease of installation. If you opt for a central air conditioning unit, you will most likely require professional installation.

You may also need to have air ducts installed in your home if you have never had an HVAC system before, or you may need ductwork repairs depending on the state of your home. This can make installation more expensive, so be sure to talk to your contractor about ductwork before you install air conditioner components in your home.

Window units and room units, such as those sold by GE, can easily be installed as a DIY project. Or you can opt for installation by a contractor to save some time and possibly some frustration.

No matter what type of AC unit you purchase, be sure to get an air conditioner estimate to see if installation is a good option for you.


Goodman SSX16 air conditionerWhen it comes to air conditioner prices, you can pay hundreds or thousands of dollars depending on what type of unit you decide to buy. A GE air conditioning unit can cost as little as $169 or as much as $2,000.

In a GE vs. Goodman air conditioners price comparison, Goodman units do cost more, though this is not surprising given the cooling capacity for central air conditioners. You can expect to pay between $1,300 and $2,600 for a Goodman central air conditioning unit.

Warranty info

Considering how expensive air conditioners can be, you will want to make sure you understand the warranty coverage for your new AC unit. Goodman units typically come with a 10-year limited warranty for parts and compression.

GE units come with one-year limited warranty options.

Talk to your HVAC contractor about what type of maintenance you should be performing regularly for your AC and what type of annual maintenance should be performed by a professional to stay compliant with the terms of your warranty.

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Once you have reviewed a GE vs. Goodman air conditioners comparison, use Reply! to help you find the best HVAC installers in your neighborhood. With proper installation and maintenance, your GE or Goodman AC will keep you cool for years to come.

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